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The Devon Bridal Fair Exeter – Press Release

The Devon Bridal Fair Exeter

Yelverton international bed retailer, British Beds Worldwide Limited, is setting another precedent at the weekend at The Devon Bridal Fair at Westpoint, Exeter.  The company is the only retailer in the UK who specialises in supplying and delivering traditional British-made pocket-sprung beds and mattress direct from the factory into people's bedrooms, wherever they live in the world.  Such places as "soul-less" Naberezhnye Chelny in Tatarstan, "matchless" Mauritius, and "restless" Bamako in Mali are just a few of the home addresses of past customers.

Now, however, the company is turning its attention to even more exotic places: "no less" than Dartmoor, Devon and Cornwall and the rest of the South-West Peninsula.

Coinciding with the launch of its own locally made brand of "DARTMOOR" Beds, the company is producing a special "Wedding Bed."

Director Roger Charles said: "Nowadays, many couples have already been living together for several years and have an established household, and so buying them a wedding present can often be a headache.  In many such households the marital bed is often the most neglected item of furniture because what's on show to visitors often takes precedence.  That's despite the fact that the bed is the most used and health-affecting item that people own."

So the company has created its very own "Wedding Bed" as an example of a joyous and generous wedding present that family and friends can contribute to.  The company intends to give a wedding present of its own to any couple whose family and friends club together to buy a Dartmoor bed, by adding to the family gift free accessories based on the value of the bed they buy the happy pair.

"The Bridal Fair company were so excited at the prospect of having such an unusual exhibit at the Fair.  We shall be keeping our stand simple and romantic, but with a tiny sprinkle of "bling" too for those who like it," says Mr Charles.  "It will even have the names of the bride and groom and their wedding date embroidered on the mattress".

"What's more, this Show actually pre-empts our official launch of the Dartmoor collection which takes place later in the month.  What is really significant about the new collection is that it is largely made or influenced by craftsmen living or working on or around Dartmoor.  The wool we use is from flocks raised on a farm on Dartmoor's northern edge and is scoured in Launceston.  The mattresses are hand-made especially for us and to our own specification in a small Okehampton workshop; and the divan-bases are made in Buckfastleigh.  The headboards, whilst not made in Devon, are made in Cornwall but designed and shown by us at our showroom at Yelverton.  And we are always seeking to add more authentic provenance to our products, so local craftsmen or component suppliers who think they may be able to add to what we do are most welcome to contact us.  We already have one or two other very exciting and ambitious plans in the pipeline that will have a positive impact on some Dartmoor residents, about which hope to reveal more very soon".

"This project also helps us add to our commitment to thank the Dartmoor community who support us.  We have for the past two years been covering Parish Council's cost of maintaining Yelverton roundabout, and in that connection will be happy to consider contributing financially to any viable and permissible ideas for enhancing the roundabout.  For example, there may be a local school whose pupils would like to make a permanent or semi-permanent sculpture for it.  If the community likes the proposed sculpture, we'll gladly work with them to try to obtain the necessary permissions".

Tickets for free admission to the Bridal Fair and invitations to the Dartmoor Beds launch on 29 October can be obtained by calling British Beds Worldwide on 01822 853636.  Similarly,  the company will be delighted to consider approaches from potential suppliers or about the roundabout.  Write to Roger Charles, British Beds Worldwide Limited, 1-2 Moorside Court, Yelverton Business Park, Crapstone PL 20 7PE.