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Delivering the finest British beds to discerning customers worldwide
  • Mr H, Obrochishte, Bulgaria

    Hi Roger,

    The mattress is excellent, very very comfortable and I'm pleased.

    I'll be ordering two more of these same mattresses next year when my house extension is finished.

    (Purchased a Kingsize Relyon Heritage Marquess mattress August 2018)

  • Mr and Mrs H, Zug, Switzerland

    Subject: Love the bed!

    Dear Roger

    I just wanted to say how super happy we are with the new bed (and of course the mattresses and toppers). Your service was above and beyond!

    We would highly reccomend British Beds Worldwide to all of our friends and colleagues here in Switzerland. Your products are really high quality and the service and support you gave was first class.

    Best regards…
    (Ps, very happy to be used as a referee)

    (Purchased a Superking Stuart Jones Vivaldi Upholstered Bedstead with headboard and beehive feet, a Relyon Heritage Grandee zipped mattress and a Dartmoor Beds Burrator Mattress Topper February 2018)

  • Mr and Mrs B, Tarn, France


    Thank you for your e mail. I would be delighted to give you some feedback on both the product and the service!

    We have been very pleased indeed throughout the whole process and have already recommended you to friends. Your advice in helping us choose the correct bed was most helpful and throughout the whole process we have felt well looked after and fully informed.  Buying an expensive item in the internet is always a risk but as soon as we had spoken on the phone we were very reassured that we had found an excellent company.

    The delivery process worked very well and we really appreciated you keeping us up to date and taking our availability into account. When the delivery men arrived they were wonderful. Because we have a sharp turn unto the lane and we did not know it was going to be an articulated lorry, they had to park at the end of the lane. They were not phased by this and adapted brilliantly. They put the bed together and ensured we checked everything and were happy with it. In addition they were friendly, polite and continuously cheerful despite it being a very hot day.

    As for the bed, we love it!! We like the bed design and the frame but the mattress is just amazingly comfortable and although this probably sounds like an advert (!) my husband who had back ache with our previous bed, has not felt any pain or discomfort since sleeping in the new bed.

    So, as you can see we are very satisfied with all aspects and feel it has been an excellent purchase. Thank you very much.

    (Purchased a Kingsize Dartmoor Beds Bampton Caned Bedstead with Footboard and a Dartmoor Beds Tamar one-piece mattress February 2018)

  • Ms D, Haute-Savoie, France

    From BBW: Thank you… And now that you've tried them, what did you think of the mattress and topper?

    From Customer: Loved it!!!!… all your services are true 5 stars! That's why it is my 3 rd order and sure not the last one! Thank you!

    (Purchased a SuperKing Relyon Heritage Balmoral Mattress, a Woolroom Deluxe Wool-filled Mattress Topper and a  Woolroom Arinta 200TC Superking Flat sheet March 2018)



  • Mr And Mrs L, Antibes

    Dear Roger

    The new bed is great and the service was excellent. The delivery went like clockwork and the delivery men were very helpful.

    Many thanks.

    (Purchased a Kingsize Millbrook Cotton 2000 mattress January 2018)

  • Mrs C, Devon UK

    Hello Roger,

    Some feedback for you:

    We found the visit to your showroom really helpful, it was good to be able to have the time to try the beds on our own, and we found your knowledge and advice most useful.

    The two delivery men were pleasant and courteous, unwrapping the mattresses and putting them on the bed and zipping them together, and they took away the packaging.  All good.  We were pleased the mattress and topper came within the time scale you stated.

    We are enjoying our new sleeping experience very much, a vast improvement on our old mattress.  And you were right about the cost of the council taking it away probably being cheaper than you can do it:  Teignbridge are charging us just £26 something.

    We look forward to joining your Privilege Club, and will be in touch again to replace our spare bedroom mattress when we've saved up a bit.

    The overall experience of buying the mattress and topper from you has been very good.  Thank you.

    (Purchased a SuperKing Dartmoor Beds Tavy Zip and Link Mattress and a Dartmoor Beds Meldon Mattress Topper August 2017)

  • Mr and Mrs D France

    Hi Roger,

    We have finally arrived in Homps and our apartment. We love the bed. It is so comfortable.  It was wonderful to see it set up exactly where we wanted it and it was as we envisioned. It is so nice that what we bought was exactly  what was delivered and the bed was even more comfortable. Our first night was so amazing, particularly after 14 hours of travel…

    I would highly recommend British Beds to anyone.

    By the way, the bed size as you predicted was perfect! Smiley face.

    (Purchased a Kingsize Dartmoor Beds Bourton Bedstead with a Wooden Panel Headboard and Footboard and a Dartmoor Beds Yealm Mattress January 2018)

  • Ms McD Ontario, Canada

    “Hi Roger,

    I was planning to write to you today to say how thrilled we are with our new bed ! I am especially happy we decided to add the topper… it is the most comfortable bed we have ever owned and the fact that it is made with all natural materials is very reassuring for our health.

    I personally slept for 14 hrs straight the first night !

    I have a line up of friends wanting to "try it out" I wouldn't be surprised if you get a few more sales :)

    Thank you again for all your support and follow ups during the transaction.

    It was a very easy and pleasant process .”

    Ms McD, Ontario, Canada (Purchased a Dartmoor Beds Tavy mattress and a Dartmoor Beds Meldon mattress topper).

  • Mr and Mrs L, Devon, UK.”

    “Hi Roger and Mikaela, We have had a few very comfortable nights in our new bed… Your delivery guys were very friendly and helpful and we’re very pleased with your service throughout. Mr and Mrs L, Devon, UK.” (Purchased a Special Size Millbrook Grandeur Elegance Deluxe 1700 one-piece mattress, a Pocket sprung divan base, a Millbrook Claridge EuroSlim headboard made by our Master Upholsterer and a Wool Room Deluxe Wool mattress topper.)

  • Mrs M, Northland, New Zealand

    "Hi Roger & Team. Although we were excited to receive our new bed, it was only today that we made the time to unwrap it. Absolutely fabulous, thank you so much. We have had a handmade headboard made here in NZ from the same fabric as the curtains and it all looks stunning. We just need to buy a  new duvet cover and the room will be complete. We are sure that our new bed will outlive us as the last one we purchased lasted 18 years! Kindest regards and thanks for all your help.” Mrs M, Northland, New Zealand (purchased a Millbrook Grandeur Connoisseur 5000 mattress and pocketed divan April 2017).

  • Mr and Mrs B, Laroque-des-Albères, France

    "Sorry for the delay in getting back to you but we have been rather busy.  We did move into our bedroom and our new bed a couple of weeks ago though and we are delighted with it. We were happy with all levels of service and I will use your carrier again for other things we bring over from England." Mr and Mrs B, Laroque-des-Albères, France (purchased a Dartmoor Beds Tamar one-piece mattress on a pocket-sprung divan base with drawers in December 2016).

  • Mrs H, Australia

    Hi Mikaela

    Thank you for the Christmas and New Year wishes.

    Yes! our mattress was delivered last week and it’s wonderful. We both are sleeping so much better.

    Thank you for your very professional service and friendly manner. It’s been a pleasure dealing with you (and Roger too). The delivery service was good too – they provided notice and came when they said they would.

    It’s been a long wait but well and truly worth it. We just could not buy a mattress of this quality in Australia. I’m so glad you export them.

    Thank you again.

  • Mr and Mrs W, UK


    The mattresses arrived safely and on time, they are very comfortable. I found the firm’s advice very useful when measuring what dimensions and which type of mattress was appropriate. I will definitely use your firm again when the need arises.

    Many thanks to everyone involved.

  • Mrs W, Moulin Rabier, France

    Dearest Roger

    Funnily enough I keep meaning to email you to say how delighted we are with our new bed !

    It is incredibly comfortable and looks beautiful, the delivery was perfect as was the ordering process and the advice I received to select the bed.

    Thank you as always – I regularly recommend you as we have frequent guest comments about our beds from people from all over the world!

  • Mr K, Hong Kong

    Hi Roger,

    I have received my bed, and am extremely happy with it!!

    And in reference to your questions

    1. Your bed and what you really like / don't like about it? – its comfort (it provides good support and is cooling) and quality

    2. The help and advice we gave you before you placed your order? – yes, Mike McGrail helped answer my questions and he guided me on my decision making

    3. Staying in touch throughout the transaction? – yes

    4. Planning and making your delivery? – no issue with this

    5. The overall experience of buying your bed from us so far away? – it is a relatively stress-free exercise. All I needed to do was to wait.

  • Mrs M, London, UK

    Dear Roger and Mikaela,

    Thank you for asking about the new mattress.

    I can honestly say it is probably the best mattress I have ever had in terms of comfort – it is just right for us! My husband was away the first night, but I had a really good night’s sleep, better than usual, and he said the same when he was back. I am normally rather sceptical when people describe a night’s sleep thus, and put in down to a new mattress, but it is absolutely true!

    Thank you for all your advice when I spoke to you in the first place too, you were so knowledgeable and I had complete trust in your recommendation, which proved to be spot on.

    I know I have already written to Mikaela about your carriers, and they were really first class, too.

    SO, great news all round. Thank you.

    *Purchased a Dartmoor Beds Torridge mattress

  • Mr and Mrs W, Devon

    Hello British Beds Worldwide

    We are delighted with the service we have received from you, in every way, from crossing the threshold to your showroom to the delivery of our chosen bed. Indeed that is why we came back to you for our second bed – complete customer satisfaction.

    The delivery was well organised and went smoothly and the two men could not have been more helpful and polite. Only one small mistake and that was my own fault (because I should have remembered) but you might like to pass it on for a future occasion – the tiny label on the mattress which describes ‘firm’ or otherwise. We all looked everywhere for a mattress description on the packaging, but It was only after the men had left that I found it and the mattresses were the wrong way of course! It was soon rectified and we are enjoying our beautiful bed.

    Thank you for your excellent service. It has made a huge difference to our shopping experience that we could achieve this locally and was why we came to you in the first place and we have not been disappointed. We look forward to visiting you again.

  • Mr S, Gibraltar

    1. Your bed and mattresses and what you really like / don't like about them?

    Lovely mattresses – almost sinking in whilst at the same time keeping supported. Can get on and off the bed without disturbing the other person

    2. The help and advice we gave you before you placed your order?

    Fantastic advice and recommendations – brilliant service

    3. Staying in touch throughout the transaction?

    Brilliant – advised how it should work and kept in touch at the different stages, order, preparation, delivery, and arrival

    4. Planning and making your delivery?

    Great – the delivery guys (in the truck) contacted us when ready for delivery and were very helpful when setting up

    5. The overall experience of buying your goods from us so far away?

    Couldn’t ask for more, and on top of that the cost was just over half what we would pay locally

  • Ms P, Hurth, Germany

    Dear Mr Charles,

    For many years I was looking for a bed, which spends more necessary comfort, is made out of natural and high-quality materials and is of remarkable beauty.

    I have been on search for such a bed for a long time and over a longer period of time I have spend a lot of money buying several beds in Germany… Nevertheless these beds did not spend the outlasting comfort, which I expected from them. Also they did not fulfill my aesthetic needs and did not spend a cozy atmosphere. So in the end I have lost a lot of hope, time and money and did not receive what I was looking for.

    Now that I have been using the bed for some weeks, I realize the great difference in contrast to the earlier beds. It wood have been better for me to be aware of your company in earlier times.

    As I told already to Ms Charles, the bed has a very, very brilliant appearance. It is so nice, that I need to have a look on it again and again. What I like also, is that the bed is very high in comparison to german beds. Therefor one has not the feeling lying near the floor.

    Meanwhile the early smell of the bed (headboard and base) has disappeared and it is possible to enjoy the whole comfort of the bed…

    In total I am very content with the bed, I conceive it as a very, very comfortable habitat.

    I am glad, that by coincidence I have got the opportunity to be aware of your company by the british bed federation, which gave me your address… Although there are special particularities in selling or buying original british beds from so far away for the involved persons, I can say that I really was not disappointed by your company. On the contrary the nature of your website was very helpful for making a decision, the special way, my questions have been answered without any delay and the excellent organization of the delivery of the bed convinced me in total. I was also glad, that Ms Charles made it possible, that I could buy fitting beddings for the mattress at The Duvet Store…

  • Rolf Tinner, Vice General Manager, Park Weggis, Switzerland

    The perfect bed for our guests from the Park Weggis Resort, a five star superior hotel in Switzerland, is most important to us. With British Beds Worldwide we have found a reliable partner which provides not only the needed quality but also best customer service. The delivery and assembling of the Relyon beds through British Beds Worldwide can be highly recommended.

    *Purchased Relyon Contract divan-sets and Devon Duvets mattress toppers

  • Mr and Mrs L, Yelverton, Devon

    Just a short email to thank you again for your courteous and professional support in assisting us with the purchase of our new Hypnos bed from yourselves. We would also like to thank Michaela for her assistance with organising the delivery service who were also exceptional.

    We are absolutely delighted with the bed and the mattress topper we purchased from your Dartmoor Beds range which is of superb quality. We will certainly recommend you to our family and friends and will definitely purchase from you again in the future.

  • Mrs D, Egg bei Zurich, Switzerland

    Dear Mr. Charles,

    I am happy to report that having slept on my new bed since Thursday last I am very satisfied with it and have slept as well as an 82 year old can sleep…

    *Purchased a Dartmoor Beds Bovey mattress

  • Mr S Cazalrenoux, France

    Good morning,

    The bed arrived yesterday evening. The van was a large transit, so no problem with narrow roads, and the two lads were both extremely polite and helpful. I slept very well last night.

    Thank you for all your care over this order. I shall know where to come in future, and will very happily recommend you.

    *Purchased a Dartmoor Beds Taw mattress on a Standard Height Padded Top divan base and a Devon Duvets mattress topper

  • Ms W, Coux et Bigaroque, France

    Hello all at BBW,

    We are delighted with our bed, mattress and topper. Although, I feel as though I am in the story about the princess and the pea, as it is a little high! It is, however, easily the best mattress I have ever had. The storage base is amazing and keeps the room clutter free.

    Despairing of French beds, we had shopped whilst in UK and thought we had chosen our perfect bed. Then the problem was getting it delivered to Dordogne. After a few false starts I found your company on line and although we were unable to “test” the bed I had a long discussion with Michael over the phone and internet so that we were able to make a decision.

    The delivery arrangements were perfect and the guys were on time and good humoured as they unpacked and assembled the bed…

    Thank you for a wonderful product and a knowledgeable and helpful service.

    *Purchased a Relyon Ottoman base, a Dartmoor Beds Taw mattress and Superb mattress topper.

  • Mr and Mrs B, Essen, Germany

    Hallo Mikaela,

    Gerade sind unsere Matratzen angekommen ! Alles hat prima geklappt und ist okay ! Der Fahrer war sehr freundlich, hilfsbereit und nett !!!! Vielen Dank für Ihre liebe Unterstützung und Übersetzung und dass sie sich so viel Mühe gemacht haben! Wir freuen uns sehr das alles so toll geklappt hat ! Viele liebe Grüße aus Essen.

  • Dubai

    We collected our mattress from JAFZA port on Saturday and are very happy to report that we are enjoying it immensely. It’s a very different feel to the harder open coil system that we had for the previous 8 years and was much softer than we had anticipated but the results thus far have given us a “deeper” sleep experience and a feeling of greater invigoration than we had ever felt before.

    You might be interested to know that your cost for door to door delivery  was exactly what it cost us to collect the cargo & shipping delivery from the UK (which was by far the cheapest part of the total bill). Cost to release the cargo came to AED 2,000/- which equates to about £400 pounds. It was a good learning curve for us and I would certainly recommend that anyone who chooses to go through the blood, sweat and tears not to mention all the different charges ie bill of lading, release and delivery from ship to the logistic agents, warehouse release charge, inspection of the goods charge by ports customs, even a £22 fee to exit the gates plus another £60 for driver and truck to deliver the cargo to our home some 25 minutes away!

    We wish to thank you for your service and will definitely opt for the door to door service should we ever need to place another order with British Beds Worldwide.

    Mr G, Dubai

  • Mr B, UK

    We knew we wanted to buy a new Hypnos bed, because we had an old one already, which we needed replacing and we had already decided on the model and type. I searched online for possible suppliers and found your website. Your email response to my enquiry was speedy, detailed and comprehensive – and the price was acceptable. We could have ordered online, but with such a large purchase and such an important one from a sleeping comfort point of view, we decided to visit your showroom, to finally check out the bed and also to check out your company.

    The visit to your showroom was entirely successful. We were welcomed and made to feel comfortable by Mr McGrail, who was well informed and provided good advice – an enjoyable visit on route to Cornwall, and the coffee and biscuits were much appreciated! We were happy to place our order.

    Your order confirmation and invoicing arrangements were precise and you coped well with our specific timing, payment and delivery requirements and the carrier arrangements were absolutely fine.

    Altogether a good purchase experience – and so far the bed has been superb!

    Well done.

    *Hypnos Regency Sandringham divan-set

  • Ms B, Germany

    In general we are very happy with the end product (nicer than anticipated), the ordering process went smoothly, the delivery was done perfectly and we have no regrets purchasing our bed from you.

    *Hypnos Pillow Top Superior mattress, Cotswold Caners Bedstead and bedside cabinets

  • Mr L, New Territories, Hong Kong

    It is a good experience to buy a mattress from you. The Hypnos is very good too. Thank you for your work and I think I shall buy from you again later.

    * Hypnos President Supreme divan-set and Fiona headboard

  • Mrs S, UK

    Thank you for your help in choosing our mattress and I just wanted you to know that we couldn’t be more pleased with our new Sandringham Hypnos mattress. It is so comfortable! I appreciate your help and in arranging such fast delivery.

    *Hypnos Sandringham mattress

  • Ms H, Switzerland

    Everything was super from our initial discussions to the bed delivery which was prompt, on time and efficient. Thank you for your help. I look forward to lots of great sleep in my new BBW purchase!

    *Hypnos Regency Sandringham mattress on a padded top divan base and a Grace headboard

  • Ms R, France

    You found a deal in purchase price that suited my needs. The contact that I received regarding all steps of my order was first class. The bed when received at my home in perfect condition and the driver was very good. The bed was excellent and the colour suitable. The bed was all that we could expect and very comfortable. We have had restful sleep since, so thank you all for your service.

    *Relyon Chesterfield divan-set

  • Ms P, France

    It has been almost a year since the arrival of my bed… It is great, I have been using a topper and have followed all the instructions for turning every month and now with the seasons. Your service was also excellent and the delivery men did everything you said they would… so, a big thank you to all.

    * BBW Bedfordshire divan-set and Cotswold Caners North Leach headboard

  • Mr C, Switzerland

    I can say that we are delighted with the bed and honestly think we are now having the best sleep we have ever had!

    Regarding the bed, there are no bad points I can mention at all. We really like the size and comfort it provides to us and we are really impressed with the quality. The help you and your team provided to us was 1st class… the knowledge of the products displayed by British Beds Worldwide was exceptional. Communication was good, very clear and concise and I felt fully informed as to the status of our order and was grateful for the recommendations for the pillows and duvet. Delivery was as scheduled and clearly communicated.

    Finally, the overall experience for me was very pleasurable, I was always aware of the status of my order and with utmost confidence I would highly recommend your business to my friends and colleagues…

    * Hypnos Pillow Top Emerald divan-set and Elizabeth headboard

  • Mrs I, Switzerland

    Once again thank you for the wonderful bed. My son is thrilled with it and says he’s never slept so well!

    Customer service was outstanding from the first telephone call to the regular emails informing us of the progress and when the bed would be delivered. Everything was done very smoothly and professionally.

    * Relyon Braemar divan-set and Modern headboard

  • JB, Germany

    Nous sommes vraiment enchantes de notre nouveau lit et souhaitons vivement vous remercier pour vos conseils et pour l’assistance professionnnelle lors de son achat. Je suis persuade que je n’ai jamais dormi dans un lit si confortable – C’est vraiment merveilleux

  • JB, Germany

    We are absolutely delighted with our new bed, so a VERY, VERY big thank you for your services and help in the whole matter. I am completely convinced that it is the most comfortable bed* I have ever slept on – it truly is wonderful

  • JC, France

    Je voulais simplement vous remercier de la livraison rapide de nos nouveaux matelas.Ils sont arrives hier dans l’après-midi. Ils sont vraiment beaux. Merci.

  • JC, France

    Hello, just to say thank you for prompt delivery of our new mattresses. They arrived yesterday afternoon and are really lovely. Thanks

  • Mrs A, Pays de la Loire

    Je tiens à vous remercier du service ponctuel…quelle difference avec d'autres enteprises…et ceci doit être apprecie par tous vos clients.

  • Mrs A, Pays de la Loire

    Many thanks for your prompt service…it makes such a change…and must be appreciated by all your customers.

  • Mrs H, Bretagne

    Le matelas est magnifique. Je dors mieux et même mes jambes ne me font plus mal.

  • Mrs H, Bretagne

    The mattress is lovely. I’m sleeping better and even my legs have stopped hurting.

  • Ms G, Switzerland

    Le lit est magnifique… Nous apprecions beaucoup…. le service exceptionnel offert.

  • Ms G, Switzerland

    The bed* is superb. … We very much appreciate … the wonderful service you have given

  • Mr C, Cannes

    The beds arrived bang on time and are now in situ. The drivers were brilliant. We wouldn’t use anyone else [in the future].

  • Mr and Mrs H, Vienne

    The delivery went very well. [The whole shopping experience with you] was very good; we were most impressed and have given your details to someone else.

  • Mr and Mrs B, Gers

    The delivery arrived a day early – the drivers phoned us first to make sure it was OK. They were quite fun and very happy to wait while we fitted the new footboard. … We were most impressed with the service with us …. quite superb.

  • Mr PF, Normandy

    As I mentioned to you on the phone just after delivery, we are both extremely pleased with both the bed* and mattresses** and your service. The bed has drawn several admiring remarks, and the mattresses continue to be as comfortable as on the first night. It is rare to find a company which inspires so much confidence.

  • Mr and Mrs S, Rhone-Alpes

    Our bed* is most comfortable – [my husband] complains he needs a ladder to get into it and is worried about falling out! He has to agree, however, that he’s glad we made the change. The new bedhead** is just what I envisaged and it looks just right in its rustic setting.

  • Mr and Mrs W, Alpes-Maritimes

    The bed was delivered this evening at 8.30pm. The chaps who brought it in also put it together for us because the mattress was so heavy, my wife was unable to help. They were really very helpful and did far more than they were required to do. Please pass on to the carrier company our appreciation.
    The bed* is fantastic and all we anticipated, in fact more so ! Thank you again for your generous gesture, we shall certainly recommend your company to everyone in future.

  • Mr and Mrs P, Charente

    … the mattress was delivered as promised and we are very pleased with it…
    Thank you once again for your excellent service

  • Mrs L, Vienna

    … our bed arrived promptly last Friday & the local carrier you selected here in Vienna was excellent. They carried the bed up two flights directly into our bedroom and then unpacked and assembled the bed. We are very happy with our new bed*, it’s extremely comfortable, the best we’ve ever had. We’ve been having wonderful sleep and waking without any back problems whatsoever, pretty amazing considering I’m currently 7 months pregnant! The Canterbury bed surround from Enchanted House is not only very beautiful it’s solid too. We are really happy with our purchase and your knowledge, assistance & customer service has been wonderful…

  • Mme L, Ile de France

    Je tiens à vous remercier car la livraison des 3 lits a bien eu lieu le jour prevu. Comme nous etions en travaux, nous n’avons pas pu monter les lits, mais cela a ete fait depuis, et nous avons pu constater que tout etait conforme et qu’il ne manquait pas un boulon… Je viens d’autre part de recevoir le reçu que vous m’avez envoye par courrier. Tout est donc parfait.
    Si j’ai besoin de lits dans le futur, je n’hesiterai pas à m’adresser de nouveau à vous. Mon mari les* a trouves très beaux.

  • Mrs B, Lot-et-Garonne

    Thanks for getting the mattress to us so efficiently and so quickly. I will certainly recommend your company to my friends here in SW France. The removal men* were very good too

  • Ms S, Saone et Loire

    … we have unpacked and installed the beds* and they are marvellous. Our bedrooms were finally ready mid-August so we spent a few days there getting everything sorted and the beds look great.
    Thanks again for all your help.

  • Mr and Mrs B, Finistere

    We cannot praise your company enough, it is refreshing to find an enterprise willing to make and supply beds to expats living outside of the UK well done !! and thank you so much.

  • Mr F, Pays de la Loire

    The delivery went smoothly – the drivers arrived when they said they would. The service was terrific, and the mattress is the most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on in my life. We will probably want some more mattresses in a few months and I will definitely be back in touch

  • Mrs S, Savoie

    The delivery of my bed went according to plan, it arrived early on Friday morning 22 August, thank you very much, I would like to say how efficient and helpful you have been and would most certainly use your company again. The mattress is wonderful, I am very pleased with its comfort and support. The whole bed* looks beautiful now that it is made up and I am very pleased overall, once more thank you for your help.

  • Mrs L, Vaud

    I just wanted to tell you that we received our bed this w/end and we are really happy with it*. It was well worth the wait and i am so glad I followed your advice and got something that suited my weight (ie soft). It’s great that we were able to combine the comfort levels to suit both of us. The guys at Simpsons were super helpful and all in all working with you and Simpsons was a really positive experience and I would definitely recommend your service to anyone else living abroad wanting a good quality British bed.

  • Mrs R, Rhone-Alpes

    Just a quick mail to say that our beds arrived safely in our flat … last week. I am extremely glad to report that we can all verify that the beds are a great success! […] prompted us into getting a new spare room zip and link, so I am very glad that he has approved of the spare bed*, and we are delighted with ours**. Thank you so much for all your help. I am really very grateful to you. Your advice was excellent and – although it was slightly complicated – the delivery went absolutely fine.

  • Mr P, Thessalonica

    I would once more like to thank you for the delivery of the bed/mattress and headboard*. I have been very pleased with the entire process and the fine delivery service and would like to let you know that I shall certainly recommend you to any acquaintances for the exemplary service and your quality beds.
    I wish you all the best for the holidays, and hope to conduct business with you again in the future.

  • Mrs P, Switzerland

    It’s nice to see company’s such as yours still provide that personal service – giving advice to help us rather than make a sale. A great experience from far away here in Switzerland. Both my husband and I are really pleased with our beds** that now outshine any others in the neighbourhood!
    They arrived in perfect condition and spot on time – you were attentive to our needs, very responsive, available and very professional. I was also really pleasantly surprised when you called the days after we received the beds to check if everything was OK.
    It’s been a pleasure to purchase from British beds and I shall recommend to all the people I know.
    Thanks for all and feel free to use the above message as a reference.

  • Mrs F, Brittany

    I just wanted to let you know that our mattress arrived safely yesterday morning. We are absolutely delighted with it and enjoyed a wonderful night’s sleep. *The quality is outstanding and it will be well worth our investment and give us many years of comfort. We were very pleased with your efficient service and the smooth delivery arrangements. The delivery team was excellent and very helpful. Thank you for everything,best regards and much future success in your business.

  • Mrs M, Lot

    Just a quick word to say thank you so much for arranging delivery of the bed* in time for our visit to Cahors. It has transformed my life and is truly comfortable. Thank you so much for your advice and the incredibly efficient way everything was arranged.

  • Mr D, Austria

    Je tiens absolument à vous remercier de votre suivi telephonique et l’impeccable service fourni lors de l’achat et de la livraison de notre lit. Ce fut un plaisir de faire affaire avec vous et je suis très satisfait du lit; en fait, ça fait des annees que je n’ai pas dormi aussi bien.

  • Mr D, Austria

    Thank you very much for your follow up call and the excellent service provided with the purchase and delivery of the bed. It was an absolute pleasure to do business with you and I’m very happy with the bed* indeed; in fact I haven’t slept so well for many years.

  • Mrs W, Absolute Alpine

    The beds* are lovely – so lovely in fact that my husband and I keep sneaking off the chalets to get a good night’s sleeps when we don’t have guests in! Our first guests (as predicted by you) checked the name of the bed and mattress so that they could buy one when they got home. I sent them your details as well (hope you don’t mind). Everyone’s been really complimentary so many thanks for all of your help – we’re really pleased with them. I’ve attached some photos for you so you can see them in situ! Oh and Bearsby’s were great as well – really laid back about the hotel being on a mountainside and in the midst of the building site!

  • Mrs M, Aquitaine

    Our bed arrived safely yesterday along with our other effects. I just wanted to say that we are delighted with the bed. It is always slightly nerve wracking ordering something like a bed unseen, but it has easily fullfilled our expectations. As well as being very happy with the bed we were very pleased with the service you provided, especially the way you kept us informed of what was going on at all stages from ordering to delivery.

  • Mr T, Switzerland

    Just a note to say that the bed arrived in good condition and that we are very pleased with it*. I would also like to compliment you on all aspects of the transaction. Everything was handled in an efficient and professional manner. I have no hesitation in recommending you to other colleagues and friends.

  • Mrs S, Switzerland

    …thank you very much for all your help and advice on buying our bed*. We are very happy about it. Best buy in a long time.

  • Mr J, Brisbane

    We are THRILLED with the bed* and the delivery people were so kind and put it up for us. Been sleeping like a log which has made such a difference from our old bed. Thank you very much for your time and precious advice regarding our bed

  • Mr and Mrs V, Holland

    The mattresses* are very good and sleeping is wonderful.  Many thanks for your support and service.

  • Mr AN, Vienna

    Best regards from a man who is sleeping since one week in the best bed
    in the world* and who is always smiling when he goes to sleep!

  • Ms W,, Geneva

    Just a note to say we received the beds*:  they are absolutely fabulous… have never slept so well!!!  Thank you so much for organising a really seamless and friendly service and also to your transportation company:  Barry and his colleague were so pleasant and efficient.  Will certainly be recommending you in Geneva

  • Mrs B, Paris

    … thank you for your assistance. All steps of the purchase from the order to delivery were totally efficient. Regarding the delivery, the 2 persons were very professional, they arrived on time, helped me to fix the bed and very courteous and quick. (We are not used to such service in France!!!!)…

  • Mr and Mrs L, Switzerland

    The bed arrived in good order and was properly unpacked and installed by Mr. Clark and his assistant. We are very satisfied both with the bed* and with Britannia Beckwith’s service quality. Nothing occurs to us which BBW could do better, we are happy with the service we received and with the level of communication

  • Mr C, Athens

    … we have received mattress* early March.  We are very pleased with it and found it more comfortable than expected.   On the other hand we are more than pleased with your service and want to thank you for everything

  • Mr and Mrs M, France

    …we were delighted by the help from Mr Charles and  ordering on the phone from this distance could not have been easier or more friendly. Your web site was most comprehensive  and  helped us to choose the most suitable bed.
    The delivery men were extremely kind and helpful and removed all the packaging for us and installed the mattress speedily and effciently.
    … We shall be delighted to join the long list of very satisfied customers on your web site. You really do run an incredibly efficient and most friendly company,  which one does not always find these days. We wish you every success, which you well deserve.

  • Ms G, France

    I just wanted to let you know again how happy we are with our new fluffy white clouds*. Thank you so much for getting them to us in time for our arrival…we have slept like lambs since we arrived.

  • Mr and Mrs R, Germany

    We have our bed* now … and it looks great!!!!!!! Thank you very much for the perfect support. This is what I call customer oriented!!
    The delivery was absolute immaculate. Very professional, very helpful, and very nice.

  • Ms S, Leimbach

    “…  a very big thank you for the fantastic personal service you provided right from the first phone call to set up the viewing at your showroom. We were blown away!  The bed* is better than we expected and we really are thrilled … . [E]verything from start to finish was very impressive — and we especially enjoyed our viewing, and found Fiona very genuine and open. Nothing like your usual salesperson, which made a nice change, and to be honest after meeting Fiona and trying out the beds I was not even vaguely interested in shopping around. It just felt like you were doing us a huge favour in providing us with such a beautiful bed, instead of trying to get as much money out of us as possible. Very refreshing!”

  • Mr and Mrs B, Vaud

    “Just want to let you know that we received the beds* on 11.10.11….  We are extremely satisfied with your company and never realised that a new bed would let us sleep so well again,as you said “like sleeping on air” although it took a couple of nights to adapt! …  We were very satisfied with the delivery service and hope to recommend you to others.”

  • Mrs P., Dept 78

    “You’ll be pleased to know we have our lovely new *bed in situ and all looks good and it’s certainly very comfortable… We’re very happy with the bed indeed and really very happy with the service and customer car you’ve provided…  The delivery was excellent and Barry and Malcolm had no problems getting the bed from the truck to the bedroom.

    Many thanks for your excellent service and for the contact throughout the process.”

  • Mrs. R, Germany

    “After half a year sleeping in the Hypnos bed* I can say this is the best piece furniture we have!”

  • Mrs C, Vaud

    “I just wanted to confirm that the bed arrived yesterday and to thank you and your team both in the UK and here in Switzerland for your assistance and attention.
    A special thanks to Fiona Garnham on this side for her willingness to accommodate my visit to the showroom in the most miserable of weather. And also to Mark and his co-driver who delivered and installed without any fuss or hassle whatsoever. He was extremely pleasant and helpful and kept me posted as to arrival times which took the pressure off me trying to be in two places at once.
    My daughter is absolutely delighted with her beautiful bed* and is already busy showing it off to all of her friends. I certainly won't hesitate to recommend British Beds in the future.”

  • Mr and Mrs M, Plymouth

    “We are  over the moon with the bed* in fact we've named it “Cloud 9″ and we are going to bed earlier just for the comfort …   Just need to find [my wife] a step ladder to get in and out!  The delivery guys were top notch … well pleased with everything thanks.”

  • Mr B., Vaud

    “The whole process was incredibly smooth from start to finish. I have no complaints whatsoever, from our initial consultation with Fiona all the way through to our dealings with Ben and Dan.”

  • Mrs S., Vaud

    ” … we sleep very well in our new BBW beds* and are very happy so far!  I don't think you could have done anything better to improve your organisation and I will without hesitation recommend you to my friends.  From the GB side, I got all my questions answered very quickly and very professionally. The overseas agent here in CH was very helpful and kind, as were Dan and Ben, the drivers. They alerted me as they were 1 hour late, that's very good, and they were kind and professional as well. In one word, "a very good experience indeed

  • Mrs P., Paris

    The help and advice we gave you before you placed your order – from our website and by email and telephone. How could we have done better?
    “You couldn’t, we would have chosen the wrong mattress without your advice.”

    Taking your order and invoicing you. How could we have done better?
    “Very happy with the ordering and invoicing procedure.”

    Planning and notifying you of delivery and collecting the balance of your invoice. How could we have done better?
    “You accommodated our tricky delivery dates and couldn’t have done more.”

    Shipping and delivering: were our carriers, overseas agents and drivers helpful and courteous? How could we have done better?
    “They were excellent and although delayed because of adverse weather you all kept us up to date and they arrived as soon as they could.”

    The overall experience of buying your bed* from us, being so far away? How could we have made it better?
    “You couldn’t.”

  • Mrs G., Geneva

    The help and advice we gave you before you placed your order – from our website and by email and telephone:
    We received excellent help and advice both from Fiona in Switzerland and yourselves.  Your website was most helpful as were your emails and telephone calls.
    How could we have done better?
    Everything really worked well for us.  I can’t think of anything more that you could have done.

    Accepting your order and invoicing you: How could we have done better?
    You gave us the options of paying by card, cheque etc. so that suited us very well.

    Planning and notifying you of delivery and collecting the balance of your invoice:
    Ditto above.  This is probably an area outside of your control, but five days notice was fine with us.

    Shipping and delivering: were our carriers, overseas agents and drivers helpful and courteous?
    Excellent service from your drivers and overseas agents.  A special thanks to Ben and Dan who were the drivers who installed the bed*.  They were very good.
    How could we have done better?
    I don’t think there is any area where you could have improved your service!

    The overall experience of buying your bed from us, being so far away – How could we have made it better?
    This has been a most pleasant experience right from the word GO!  Well done British Beds!!  And I’d like to add that now we’re actually sleeping in the bed it is the most comfortable bed we have ever had!!

    Any other comments / suggestions:
    I look forward to receive information about your Privilege Club as we are interested in bed linen as the matress is slightly larger than the 180cm we have here and I’d also like a matress “topper” if you have them!

  • Ms. W., Vaud

    “We are very happy with the bed* – like sleeping on a cloud!
    Thank you for your excellent service”

  • Ms H., Belgium

    The help and advice we gave you before you placed your order – from our website and by email and telephone:
    Very detailed and re-assuring.
    How could we have done better?
    No, not really.  We were very pleased with the advice offered, particularly given the fact that we were nervous by the fact that we were unable to pre-test the mattress.

    Accepting your order and invoicing you:
    Really very good – had a query about the orginal Order Form but this was effeciently rectified and caused no angst.
    How could we have done better?

    Planning and notifying you of delivery and collecting the balance of your invoice:
    Again, really very good – perhaps one of the best experiences we have had – nothing was left to chance.  The fact that your chosen shipper was also very accommodating and helpful, made it a real joy.
    How could we have done better?

    Shipping and delivering: were our carriers, overseas agents and drivers helpful and courteous?
    See above.  It was a great team effort – the carrier and their drivers were helpful, courteous and made the move in of the bed painless.
    How could we have done better?

    The overall experience of buying your bed* from us, being so far away:
    Really excellent … we will be back in another 10 years!
    How could we have made it better?

    Any other comments / suggestions:
    The questionnaire is too long! :)

  • Ms. M, Zurich

    How could we have done better?
    Extremely happy with the service from start to finish.

    Accepting your order and invoicing you:
    Very efficient and professional.

    Planning and notifying you of delivery and collecting the balance of your invoice:

    Shipping and delivering: were our carriers, overseas agents and drivers helpful and courteous?
    We were very happy with the professionalism and efficiency of the agents.

    The overall experience of buying your bed* from us, being so far away:
    Great! It made what could have been a painful experience painfree.

  • Mr/s N, Spain

    “We needed to purchase a new bed so we contacted Hypnos Beds and they directed us to BBW Ltd., we were at first dubious about purchasing a bed on the Internet but our fears were soon dispelled when we contacted BBW Ltd and put ourselves in their very capable hands.  We had expert help with the choice of bed, ease of payment and prompt delivery of the bed – even though we live in a mountainous region of Spain.  The delivery men were very helpful and assembled the bed.

    We are more than satisfied with the bed and the service that we have received and would not hesitate to use their services again.  We are enjoying a very comfortable bed*.

    We would very much like to join your Privilege Club”.

  • Mrs K, Vaud

    “I just wanted to let you all know that we are and have been so happy with your bed*. Truly, when we are on a trip we usually miss the bed first and can’t wait to get back for a great sleep. I will certainly be calling on you for the guest room.”

  • Mrs W, France

    “… my husband is overjoyed with the bed* and actually now looks forward to going to bed.  He does not like French beds!!!!!!!  For the first time in a very long while, I woke up with NO back pain.  It is like sleeping in heaven.  I would like to add at this point that the advice you gave me when I had the difficult task of choosing a bed, at distance, was 100% accurate and I thank you very much for that.  It does prove that you offer a very valuable service and long may it continue.”

  • Mr and Mrs K, Nyon

    “I hope you are all doing well. I was cleaning out my in box and saw this email. I just wanted to let you all know that we are and have been so happy with your bed. Truly, when we are on a trip we usually miss the bed first and can’t wait to get back for a great sleep. I will certainly be calling on you for the guest room.”

  • Mrs B., East Sussex

    “The mattress* arrived and is in perfect condition, it is so lovely and comfortable.  Thank you for all your help you have been brilliant.”

  • Mr & Mrs M, Kent

    ” … we are very, very pleased with our Hypnos bed*.

    The delivery was fine – Hypnos phoned on Wednesday 8th to say that they were going to deliver it on the 10th and giving a time frame.  On the day, the guys phoned to say that they had been delayed and were at the Dartford Crossing.  After a cup of tea to refresh them from their journey they set to and assembled the bed and headboard – very pleasant and friendly guys.  They reminded me to turn the mattress each month!

    At first the bed seemed really high  and so big –  which made us laugh.  It is a delight to sleep on.  Thank you for taking so much trouble advising us  – you have delivered to us a really comfortable, stylish bed – in fact ,it is perfect!”

  • Mrs R., London and Berkshire

    “… the beds* arrived safely yesterday.  Two young chaps from Bearsbys did a careful job,  put the bed in place and removed all packaging and took the old bed, so a successful delivery.   I gather the London leg went well too so I think all is in order.  … all very good and thank you again so much for all your invaluable help, both with selection and delivery.  As usual, a completely brilliant service – if only everything one had to do was as easy and pleasant – Thank you BBW.”

  • Mrs E., France

    I am pleased to confirm that yesterday the mattress* arrived safely and in perfect order. I am e-mailing you to comment on the excellent service given by the two drivers from Reflex Moodys.  They phoned on Monday evening to say that they were making good time and was it possible to arrange for a morning delivery on Tuesday.  Having said it was agreeable they suggested their eta. as 10 am. They were here on the dot of 10am and carried out the porterage of the mattress carefully and efficiently.They were also very pleasant to deal with. In these days of generally less than reliable and good quality service I felt it appropriate to comment positively to your company on the carriers you employ.

    Thanking you for your excellent service also – I would definitely recommend you to others.

  • Ms H., Berlin

    “I just wanted to let you know how very, very happy I am with my new mattress* – it’s unbelievably comfortable and I am sleeping better than I have in ages.  Your service was also excellent, from start to finish. Well worth the lead time!  Many, many thanks!”

  • Mrs S., Yelverton

    “Dear Roger, I have enjoyed my first night with my new mattress*, and the pillow and duvet**, and it was so cosy, very comfortable, and sets you up to face whatever the day may bring, thank you so much”

  • Mrs S., Monaco

    “This is just to let you know that the delivery of my bed to Monaco went smoothly, without any hitches re: parking etc…  My husband is delighted with the bed*!”

  • Mrs P, Oberdorf

  • Mr B, Vaud

    “… I was just saying to a friend of ours how wonderful it is sleeping in this bed! We’ll definitely get some extra beds for our other bedrooms. I won’t hesitate to get back to you as soon I’ll be ready to order.”

  • Mrs K, Berne

    ” … after all, I just want to say that I’m now very happy with your *bedbase, and with the *mattress of course too. … I can not imagine to have another mattress anymore, and certainly will stay faithful to your product.”

  • Mrs. L., Languedoc

    “Just to let you know that our bed* was safely delivered today, now installed and looking magnificent. Cant wait to go to bed tonight! Only problem is the name. Our last bed (a Hypnos) was called BIG FLUFF. Little did we realise how big a big fluff can get. At present we are referring to it as BIGGER FLUFF – not very imaginative but will suffice pending the eureka moment.
    Thanks for getting it to us in time for a fluffy Christmas.

    [A few days later] You were quite right about the new bed, it is a different sleeping experience from old BIG FLUFF – more sedate and substantial somehow, but blissfully comfortable. My husband and I feel we are sleeping on a magic carpet as we barely notice each others' movement in the night which is quite a novelty, even after BIG FLUFF.

    As a matter of record we have now named the new bed LA PELUCHE in honour of its French residency – has quite a nice ring we think.”

  • Mrs. M, Vaud

    “Our bed was delivered last night and I just wanted to write and say we are delighted. We’re very happy with the bed and the mattress, it looks great and is very comfortable. Thanks for keeping us updated about the delivery issues. [Heavy snow en route causing major road closures].  Beckwiths were very good, very professional and friendly guys. I can’t fault the BBW service from start to finish”.

  • Mr. T, Monaco

    “Just to let you know that all 4 beds* have been delivered in perfect order by your wonderful delivery team, Mr. Bearsby and Co.

    We are extremely pleased with our purchase and we look forward to sleeping peacefully on the them for years to come. Furthermore, I have no hesitation in recommending your company to anyone wishing to have an excellent product, backed up by a great team of professionals with focus on the details of service.”

  • Mr. Y, Perth

    “The mattress* is great. Our quality of sleep has definitely improved. The advice pre-sales was very helpful, especially as we would have purchased the firm option but the current regular firmness is just right. The correspondence was good up to delivery. There was a little bit of confusion during the delivery but it was sorted out quickly and the bed was delivered where we wanted it. Overall I am very pleased with the purchase and service and will definitely recommend it to my friends.”

  • Mr and Mrs M, Devon

    “We are pleased with our new bed. We were a bit apprehensive about having a soft mattress but it is very comfortable* and our fears have not materialised. The drivers were very helpful – they arrived early in the morning having telephoned first, and assembled the bed competently. They removed the old one as arranged. Overall we are pleased with our purchase.”

  • Mrs. M, Yelverton

    “We are all really delighted with our new (super comfortable and very supportive) beds* and the quality of sleep I am receiving is much improved!!”

  • Mrs. W, Baden-Württemberg

    “I am sorry not to write earlier.

    Two weeks after you delivered the matrass we built my new bed and since this time I sleep with the "Royal-Matrass

  • Mr & Mrs T, Devon

    Your visit to our showroom?
    This differentiates you from the high street as you can give a completely personal experience, either with or without your assistance, at our choice.  For us this was the biggest factor in having the time to make the decision.

    The goods you have received and the quality of your new sleep experience?
    *Goods are what we ordered and both of us have much better sleep.

    The help and advice we gave you before you placed your order?

    Taking your order and invoicing you?
    Again excellent with attention to detail.

    Planning and making your delivery?
    Along with below, a service that told us the date and approx time and kept us updated as that changed – and we had a really busy day that day so it helped a lot to have this.

    The overall experience of buying your bed from us?
    Would / will definitely recommend you to anyone who needs to buy a bed or mattress.

  • Mrs. B., Vaud

    “I can only give positive feedback! Ten out of ten on all points! The bed is amazing, the mattress perfect*, communication and advice given throughout was way over the norm!

    The delivery went really well. The drivers kept me informed and did a great job! The bed came around seven in the evening on the Friday – on a really hot day!

    I’m delighted with my colour choice – photo attached! I’ll send an ‘unmade’ more professional one when I change the bed!

    I look forward to being a Club member – bed linen sounds interesting and I’m sure I’ll be making more purchases in the future!

    Thanks also for the mattress topper – it has already found a home with a good friend – and I’ve been in touch with Pauline for another one (to start with!) for our guest beds!

    Thank you both so much for your time and the great service! A very pleasant experience – and if you need me to give advice to anyone over here (or show them my bed!) it will be my pleasure!”

  • Mr & Mrs O, France

    Just got back home after long travels – saw your mail – sorry for the delay in replying.

    It was glorious to be able to slip into our new bed on our return after various extremes of hotel bed comfort while away !!!

    We are totally delighted with the Relyon Marquess bed – and it absolutely conforms to the level of comfort that we expected and that, having initially tried the bed in *******,KingstonUThames, we expected.

    My wife Lydie is so happy to have left her “hole” on her old mattress side whilst I no longer sleep on the “heights”. ( My weight had created the “hole” over time so we’d turned the mattress around … sold to her as “more cosy”) !!!

    Now we’re both equally happy – and the different quality of sleep is REMARKABLE !

    From A to Z you made buying and finally receiving the bed a doddle. Friendly, informative and efficient – a well oiled team machine. Congrats !

    Just a word on the actual delivery – the crew from Reflex Moodys – Roger & Paul were really excellent. Took the time necessary,assembled everything ….. washing their hands at least 2x each so as to ensure no grubby fingers on handling the bed & base once the covers off !! Exceptional, smiling,polite, and a pleasure to deal with.

    We shall soon be buying another bed for our guests and won’t hesitate to come back to you.

    Thank you all very much indeed.  With kindest regards

  • Mr. E., Tennessee

    “My mom is so happy with this Mattress / Bed* that words can’t explain..Wow !!!  The Items came in excellent shape and no damage. I did pay a $136 container fee portion but I know we will settle that on my next purchase..lol By the way I tried the new bedding ( Hypnos) by just laying on it for short period of time & it really feels good. My Relyon Emperor is still very good but much softer than this Hypnos and much harder to turn/flip my mattress. Roger I really appreciate doing business with you because in the near future I will like to purchase more bedding from you”.

  • Mr. S., Suzhou

    ” …. Also, after three days of sleeping on the mattress, my wife just couldn't stop telling her friends how wonderful it is and how it is the smartest choice of money I ever spent!

    Thanks a million! We really appreciate this greatest bed*!”

  • Mrs. P., Hungary

    “Thank you for your mail. We are very satisfied with our beds*, your service and basically the whole experience. Only (tiny issue) was the drivers not being able to find our address which ment that my husband ultimately (after several phone calls from the drivers trying to get directions but not being very clear as to where they were) asked them to stop circling around and drove out to them and directed them. Although you had mentioned that it could be usefull to send a mail with directions we hadn’t done this as we didn’t know from where the truck would be coming into Budapest.

    Although we bought our beds through you, there actually is a retailer in ***** . However, his prices are outrageous so it was cheaper buying through you. In general all up-market/luxury goods are much more expensive in Hungary than in Western Europe, which is why we either go to Austria to buy or buy through companies as yourselves that deliver.

    As I mentioned before we had a very good experience and would definitely recommend you to others.”

  • Mrs G., Vaud

    “Many thanks for your email, and just to say I’ve visited your facebook page and “liked” you!!

    Again, all my thanks not only for recommending the Hypnos Sandringham bed but also for the speed with which you delivered the bed to Switzerland.  We were in our visitors bedroom on the new Hypnos Sandringham bed for nearly two months and it is absolutely wonderful!  It is the most comfortable bed that I have ever slept in and we also really appreciated the duvet that you also recommended.  We have been having perfect nights’ sleep.

    As I’ve said before, we had such a good experience with you and your company when we made our first purchase, that we had no hesitation in picking up the phone and asking for a second bed!

    I still need to select a headboard for the bed, and when I do that I’ll also order toppers for the Sandringham (150 cm) and the Regency St. James (180) and maybe also another duvet for the size of the Regency St. James……

    Again all our thanks Roger and I’ll be in touch very soon about the headboard, duvets, toppers etc.”

  • Mr B., Buckinghamshire

    "Good Morning.  My comments are as follows

    The bed could have been delivered before Christmas earlier than expected and it was actually us who were not around to receive it before Xmas.    The delivery people were on time, contacted us beforehand and were helpful and polite.

    The bed itself is excellent and very comfortable.  My only comment is that I can actually just  feel the join on the odd occasion when I stray into the middle.   Not a problem however.

    With regard to invoicing etc., all that worked fine and you delivered what you said you would do.

    As regards information and advice, that is actually why we chose you.   I received much more useful and informative advice from you than from all the other places I contacted put together.   As regards price  you were highly competitive.

    All in all full marks and well done.  * * ( one satisfied customer).

  • Mrs R, Madrid

    “The mattress is really confortable; in fact we like it a lot.  You gave me a perfect service, solving all my doubts and answering all the questions I had about the mattress. Your help and advice was perfect.  …  You sent me all the information about payment and also about security. I appreciate it a lot. …   I need[ed] you to keep the mattress with you in your warehouse until we finish[ed] the refurbishment of the house and you had no objections to help us.  … I could contact you very  easily and your support was perfect, so I will recommend you for people who wants to buy a very good quality product with a perfect  customer service.”

  • Mrs B, Berlin-Brandenburg

    Firstly I was delighted to have found a Company that could provide me with a ‘great British’ bed, which as we know are the best in the world! I had begun to give up hope of ever being able to get a decent bed delivered to me here in Germany.

    Mike was extremely helpful. He advised & gave me the benefit of his experience & guided me very patiently. After more than one telephone call & several e mails a final decision was made as to what bed would suit our requirements, & importantly came within our budget.

    The delivery & and liason between BBW, Britannia & a company in Scotland (the name I have forgotten-I had ordered a mattress topper*) was very good, despite a minor delay in anticipated delivery time.

    We are extremely pleased with our Marquess mattress & divan. at first it seemed very very soft, a bit too soft. As the instructions stated we have religiously turned the mattress every week & it has settled very nicely & we are sleeping very well. If I had to give one negative comment i would say it is a little soft on the sides of the mattress & so one has the feel that it slopes a little downwards when lying near to the edge of the mattress. (Note: This will settle in time.  The upholstery is very fresh and taut when new. BBW)

    I will definitely buy again from BBW & would recommend friends. BBW provide a perfect solution to anyone living abroad, wanting a good nights sleep on a GREAT BRITISH BED.

  • Mr/Mrs T, Gironde

    “We are very satisfied with the bed*; it is very comfortable and in particular, my back has improved enormously. We turn the matress regularly, as you advised, so all is well for us.  I found my matress a little soft from what I was used to but as I suffered with back problems from the harder bed, I conclude that the matress is right for my weight of 82 kilos.   The help and advice you gave before buying, was exemplary, as was the service throughout our experience with you. Again, in particular the planning and delivery of the bed went extremely smoothly, although the delivery men didn’t quite like the tea I made them, as they left it! They were extremely polite and helpful and we were very grateful.”

  • Mrs I, Vaud

    “I bought the bed for my mother-in-law and she is absolutely thrilled with it*!
    I have now bought two beds from you and will continue to use your services.  I was given very good advice on size, tension, etc.  Delivery details are explained clearly and delivery was earlier than expected.
    My overall experience was very positive and I have recommended you to friends.”

  • Mrs D, Wirral

    “My Mum is absolutely delighted with her bed, she said the only problem with it is that she wakes up too late!

    I found the help and advice you gave was invaluable. You might remember that we had not been able to see the bed before buying and, prior to speaking to you, would probably have ordered the medium tension as I thought the soft wouldn’t offer enough support. It was only after you explained everything to me that we went for the soft and this was an excellent decision*. It was so refreshing to speak to someone with such expert knowledge. Normally these days you can only speak to sales people who refer to the brochure for product knowledge.

    Taking the order and invoicing was extremely easy. Nothing was too much trouble and you kindly sent out swatches of the fabric so we could see them with the décor. I was also impressed that you kept me informed of a minor change to the order.

    Planning and making the delivery was also very efficient. A lady called before delivery. In fact she actually went to the trouble of contacting me as my Mum had not heard the phone when she called her. The lady said she knew my Mum was elderly so thought she would try me as she didn’t want them arriving without notice.

    I wasn’t there when the bed was delivered but Mum said they were extremely helpful and quick to put it all together. They even put the valance sheet on the base before putting the mattress on top and took away all the packaging.

    I think it goes without saying that our overall experience of buying the bed from you was first class. It was pleasure do to business with you and I felt that, despite the fact you are a worldwide company, it seemed more like a small family business who valued the customer and nothing was too much trouble. This is very rare these days!

    I don’t recall being given guidance on joining your Privilege Club but I have had a quick look on your website and see I need a password and UserID. Please can you e-mail these to me and I’ll set it up.”

  • Mr M, Vaud

    “Dear Roger
    We are very pleased with our new bed*. We cannot think how your company could have done better with regard to our purchase.
    The only problem we have experienced with the bed is that it is extremely difficult to get out of in the morning!
    Kind regards”

  • Mrs. D., The Netherlands

    The overall experience was perfect! Exactly what u needed as buying something for second residence ​i​s not always easy! Bed is simply a perfection, everything is soo good, sizes, height , softness, fabric, colour​*​!! We sleep like king and queen on it! Very happy and proud customers! Thank you for your efficiency and kindness!

  • Mr & Mrs O, Devon

    “Dear Roger
    We are very pleased with our new bed*. We cannot think how your company could have done better with regard to our purchase.
    The only problem we have experienced with the bed is that it is extremely difficult to get out of in the morning!
    Kind regards”

  • Mrs D, Gibraltar

    “​Contacting you for information, advice, costs, expected delivery was a very simple process. Your were very accommodating willing to answer all queries to ensure not only was the mattress appropriate to our needs but would be suitable for our base. Throughout the whole process I was kept informed and given a realistic delivery timeframe.

    Our mattress arrived in a pristine condition and we've been using it for approx 5 weeks. The first few days we did struggle to adjust, purely because it was firmer than our original mattress. Since then we have found the mattress*​ to be comfortable and our sleep has improved. We do  follow the recommendations of the Hypnos manual which highlights for the first 3 months to rotate on a weekly basis and the first night after rotating the mattress we do find that it takes us a few moments to adjust. Most importantly for me, my husband does feel more comfortable and his back is able to relax and feel supported at night.

    We are pleased with the whole process and have no complaints! Thank you for all your help.”

  • Mr G, Berne

    “Bedstead and mattress* arrived in time and in pristine condition and I’m fully satisfied, with my choice as well as with the flawless client service of British Beds Worldwide. I must admit that I had some doubts at first to order my new bed over the internet – without a chance to try first or to see things in nature. But information and order process where even easier than in most furniture stores and your advice most helpful. Most of all: the quality is excellent – I couldn’t find anything comparable over here in Switzerland! Thank you very much for this thoroughly pleasant experience, I will gladly recommend British Beds Worldwide to my acquaintances.”