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Millbrook Grandeur 10000

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The Millbrook Grandeur 10000 bed offers a sumptuous night’s sleep.

The beds and mattresses in the Millbrook Grandeur Collection offer the ultimate in sleep luxury with high spring counts, high level comfort and quality designs that will heighten the style of your bedroom. The high spring count mattresses in this range feature a double layer of full size individually hand-nested pocket springs, which will offer your spine and body ultimate support, with layers of body contouring smaller comfort pocket springs to create a mattress range so comfortable it lives up to its name. Each individual pocket spring moves independently of one another, eliminating roll together and relieving pressure points all over the body, enabling your muscles to truly relax.

The Millbrook Grandeur Collection mattresses also feature the unique Millbrook Beds designed Zonal Edge Spring System. This is two rows of firmer springs around the edge of all of the mattresses to ensure support whilst sitting on the edge.

Luxurious chemical free natural fillings, including layers of temperature regulating Fine English Cotton, locally sourced Hampshire Wool, moisture controlling silk, luxurious cashgora, super soft bamboo and sumptuous pashmina are all encased in a chemical free viscose cotton cover which is hand tufted and hand side stitched. This skilled and time consuming process provides a greater level of support to the edge of the mattress and will help it to maintain its shape, thereby extending the sleep surface and lifespan of the mattress.

All mattresses in the Millbrook Grandeur Collection are available in a choice of comfort options to suit your size, weight and personal choice, to create the ultimate sleep luxury for you.

The marriage between mattress and divan is very important to your comfort and selecting the right divan is as important as selecting the right mattress. Choose the Pocket sprung divan, featuring individual pocket springs which sit on top of a solid timber frame, to create a luxurious feel that works in harmony with your mattress; or the Platform divan which has a wooden frame with a top panel made from hardboard and a layer of upholstery, for subtle cushioning and a firmer feel. Both divans in the Millbrook Grandeur Collection have a pine frame, made with timber from independently certified sustainable forests, with load bearing joints which have been glued and secured for added strength; to carry the weight of the sumptuous mattress. They are also available with or without drawers which come complete with unique, smooth ball-bearing steel action runners, and with over 70 fabrics to choose from, you can select a fabric for your divan base that will allow you to create a unique environment tailored to your style and taste.

Have the best night’s rest ever with a dream bed from Millbrook Beds.

*The Millbrook Grandeur 10000 bed is shown as a 2 drawer divan set, featuring a Claridge headboard and upholstered in Cambio Platinum.

The Millbrook Grandeur 10000 mattress offers a sumptuous  night’s sleep.

  • 36cm deep including loft of fillings,
  • contains two layers of 1000 full size individually hand-nested pocket springs (in a 150x200cm mattress) for support and up to 8000 body contouring smaller comfort pocket springs
  • Zonal Edge Spring System to ensure support while sitting on the edge of the mattress
  • Upholstered with sumptuous chemical free natural fillings: temperature regulating Fine English Cotton, locally sourced Hampshire Wool, moisture controlling silk, Cashgora, bamboo and pashmina
  • Encased in a chemical free luxurious viscose Cotton cover
  • Finished with hand tufting and traditional hand side stitching
  • Available in Softer, Standard and Firmer comfort levels (combination spring mattresses are available in King and Super King one-piece mattresses)
  • Non standard sizes are available to suit your requirements
  • Match with a Standard Height (38cm) or Shallow Height (29.5cm) Firm Edge Divan with a pine frame, load bearing joints which have been glued and secured, 1000 individually hand nested pocket springs and easy-glide hidden castors. You can see the Millbrook divan bases by following this link
  • Optional finishes for the divan base include no drawers (at no extra cost), with two flush fit timber drawers with captive runners (at an extra cost of £85.00GBP) or four flush fit timber drawers with captive runners (at an extra cost of £170.00GBP)
  • Customise your bed from a choice of colours – you can see the fabric collection by following this link
  • Complete your bed with a headboard – for an additional cost. Follow this link for more information about the Millbrook headboard collection

Whenever and wherever possible we aim to offer our excellent “Seven-star” delivery service, i.e.:

  • Special export-wrapping at the factory for protection in transit
  • Extra full wooden-boxing when considered necessary for containerised shipping
  • Export customs clearance
  • Fully insured transport from the UK to your home by the agreed method
  • Delivery into your bedroom by two drivers (See Note 1 below)
  • Unpacking, assembly and positioning the goods
  • Taking away the packaging


If this service is not available where you live, you will be offered whenever and wherever possible, i.e. either:

Our “Five-star” delivery service:-

  • Special export-wrapping at the factory for protection in transit
  • Extra full wooden-boxing when considered necessary for containerised shipping
  • Export customs clearance
  • Fully insured transport from the UK to your home by the agreed method
  • Delivery kerbside to your property for you to offload (See Note 2 below)



Our “Four-Star” delivery service

  • Special export-wrapping at the factory for protection in transit
  • Extra full wooden-boxing when considered necessary for containerised shipping
  • Export customs clearance
  • Fully insured transport from the UK to your nearest international freight port or airport by the agreed method.


In all cases you will be responsible for paying locally all charges in the destination country, such as import customs clearance, duties, taxes, storage charges, “demurrage”, quarantine, etc, (This list is not exhaustive). As such charges vary widely from time to time and from country to country, you should not rely on our knowledge of these matters and you are advised to check with the destination country’s authorities. You may find the services of an import customs agent helpful in this respect. Clients have told us that paying these agents’ modest fees have helped secure the smooth arrival of their goods.

If you would prefer to make your own delivery arrangements, we can deliver to your chosen carrier anywhere on the UK mainland free of charge. Your carrier will accept the goods on your behalf and our responsibility for their condition ends there.

1. Bedroom Delivery: Wherever and whenever possible a renowned international house remover whom we have worked with for many years and whom we know and trust implicitly carries out our deliveries. Their drivers are experts at carrying and assembling our beautiful beds all over Europe. Included in the delivery is carriage of the goods by two drivers from the truck for up to 50metres and into your first floor bedroom (meaning the first floor above ground level) or higher if there is a lift that will carry the goods. Carriage to higher floors will incur a surcharge. If the truck must park more than 50 metres away from your property please tell us before you place your order as a surcharge may be payable or special arrangements needed. If there are parking or access restrictions at certain times, please tell us when placing your order. These trucks are on tight schedules and it may not be possivbe for the drivers to wait for a time restriction period to end. There is a weight limit for carriage by two drivers of 100kg for any single item. Our most luxurious mattresses sometimes weigh far more than this and we shall tell you if this applies. In this case a third or even fourth strong person will be needed to assist with the carrying. Whilst we may be able to arrange this, the cost may be very high because we may need to fly them to your home from the UK or hire them locally to you. We recommend, therefore, that you arrange the provision of the extra strong hands yourself, but please note that we do not accept liability for their health and safety. Finally, we do not usually take away old beds or mattresses but this may be possible at extra cost by arrangement with our local agent. In many countries local authorities provide this service at a much lower cost.

2. Kerbside Delivery:
The truck will have one driver. He will bring his truck as close to your home as he is safely able and legally permitted to, and will bring the goods to the tailgate of the truck. That is the point of delivery where responsibility for the goods passes to you. You inspect the packaging at that point and sign for or reject the goods there and then. If accepted, you and your helpers then remove the goods from the vehicle yourself and take them into your property as the driver is not contracted or permitted to assist with off-loading or carrying them. Please bear in mind that some mattresses are very, very heavy and may need three or four people to lift them. (Why not order a zipped mattress? Please ask us for advice on this).

3. All transport by road: To help minimise costs we send your goods on a shared load basis. This means that the HGV truck will be delivering to you and many other customers in several countries sometimes hundreds of kilometers apart. A week or so before the goods leave the UK you will be given a provisional date of delivery. These dates are rarely changeable because of the one-direction of the continental journey so it is essential that you arrange for someone to receive the goods on your behalf, or provide an alternative nearby address for delivery, or as a last resort postpone your delivery to the next available truck (which may be up to a month later). A few days before the delivery you will be given a “firm” date. The driver or sometimes a local agent will try their hardest to keep to this date and and to call you the day before the delivery to give you an estimated time of arrival. However, these international trucks are on very long journeys where many things can go wrong, eg strikes, accidents, bad weather, etc.. It is essential, therfore, that you remain flexible as the truck may arrive earlier or later than planned. You are not obliged to accept an earlier delivery but your cooperation will be much appreciated by the drivers so that they may continue their journey. Be advised that in all cases where due notice has been given of the delivery and no-one is there to accept it, an extra charge may be levied by the delivery company for the aborted delivery. For full details, please see our Terms and Conditions.

Be assured that in all our dealings with you, the best delivery service possible is our sole aim.