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Your personal data is data which by itself or with other data available to us can be used to identify you. We are British Beds Worldwide Limited ("BBW / We / Us / Our"), the data controller. In compliance with the new EU General Data Protection Regulations, this statement sets out how we collect and use your personal data. You can contact our Data Protection Officer at The Ground Floor Studio, 52 Stuart Road, Plymouth PL3 4EE United Kingdom or by sending an email with the subject Data Protection to .

Your privacy is important to us which is why you are in control of what we do with your personal information. We will never release your personal details to any outside company for mailing or marketing purposes. Note, however, that email and web forms are not considered secure channels of communication. British Beds Worldwide Ltd does not accept any liability for the safety and security of personal information that is transmitted via the internet in this way.

The types of data we hold and process will typically include:

1. Your name and address for invoice, address for delivery, telephone numbers, fax numbers and email address in order to:

  • to answer your questions, send you quotations and provide product and service information, and to follow these up prior to your placing an order with BBW so that you may decide whether or not to do business with us;
  • to send you invoices and delivery notices after you have placed your order and prior to delivery to enable you to prepare for that delivery;
  • to check with you that everything is satisfactory after delivery;
  • to ask for your consent to publish as a testimonial on our website any comments that you make about our products and / or service;
  • to invite you to join the BBW Privilege Club so that you may enjoy special Club discounts and offers and receive marketing information and newsletters from us from time to time. If you choose to join the Privilege Club you may choose to leave it at any time by telling us and you will receive no more correspondence from us.

2. Any name, telephone numbers, fax numbers and email address as provided by you of someone whom you appoint as your agent to receive or check in your purchases if you are not going to be present in person for the delivery;

3. Your weight and height as provided by you so that we may give you our best advice in respect of mattress tension;

4. Your credit / debit card details and or bank details as provided by you for the payment of a deposit or balance or for the refund of any monies owing to you. You should never provide card details by any means other than by telephone. Details provided by you by telephone will be used as you provide them or, if that is not possible, as soon as possible after you provide them and will be shredded as soon as the payment is authorised.

We shall also use your personal data as necessary:

  • To perform any sales contract we enter with you, to take steps at your request prior to entering into it, decide whether to enter into it, manage and perform that contract, and update our records;
  • for our own legitimate interests, for example: for good governance, accounting and managing and auditing our business operations;
  • for our own market research purposes, for example: trends in product design, sizes, and destinations;
  • to comply with a legal obligation, for example: when you exercise your rights under data protection law and make requests; for compliance with legal and regulatory requirements and related disclosures; for establishment and defence of legal rights; for activities relating to the prevention, detection and investigation of crime; and,
  • only if you request it, to disclose your personal data to other people or organisations such as a company handling a claim on your behalf.

Monitoring of Communication

Subject to applicable laws, we shall monitor and may record your calls, emails, text messages, social media messages and other communications in relation to our dealings with you. We shall do this for regulatory compliance, self-regulatory practices, crime prevention and detection, to protect the security of our communications systems and procedures, to check for obscene, profane or abusive content, for quality control and staff training, and when we need a record of what has been said. By submitting a web form, email or telephone enquiry, you agree that you are inviting us to contact you by telephone, e-mail or in writing and you confirm that you do not and will not consider any of the above as being a breach of any of your rights under the Data Protection Act 1998, the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003, the General Data Protection Regulations 2018 and /or any other relevant legislation.

Sharing your personal data:

Subject to applicable data protection law we may share your data with or in the following circumstances:

  • our sister companies Roger Charles Beds Limited and Dartmoor Beds Limited if we consider that necessary to provide you with relevant information or to perform any contract we are about to enter of have entered with you;
  • manufacturers or delivery agencies or any other sub-contractor if it is necessary to provide you with relevant information or to perform any contract we are about to enter of have entered with you;
  • our legal and other professional advisors;
  • fraud prevention agencies;
  • government bodies in the UK, your home country or the country of destination of any goods you order from us;
  • courts or anyone else necessary to comply with legal requirements and for the administration of justice;
  • in an emergency or to otherwise protect your vital interests;
  • to protect the security of our business operations; and / or
  • if we restructure or sell our business or its assets or have a merger or reorganisation.

International sharing of your personal data

If necessary for the performance of a contract with you, we may share your personal data outside of the UK and the European Economic Area. While some countries have adequate protections for personal data under applicable laws, other countries may necessitate steps to ensure appropriate safeguards apply. These may include imposing contractual obligations of adequacy or requiring the recipient to subscribe or be certified with an "international framework" of protection.

Your marketing preferences

We shall use your contact details as listed above to contact you according to your preferences. You may change your preferences or unsubscribe at any time by contacting us. In the case of social media messages, you may manage your preferences via that social media platform.