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Mother’s Day Bed Offer


Our Mums are special to us!  We've pampered them both with luxurious beds so that – between the hourly disturbances they suffer for reasons beyond our control – they sleep the sleep of the gods or at least lie in sublime comfort.

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Why not help your Mum (or the mother of your children) sleep better than ever before from this this Mothering Sunday onwards, perhaps with a new pillow, duvet, topper, mattress or bed?  After all, they worked hard once upon a time for your comfort, so why not reciprocate this year with an especially thoughtful present that will show you care and comfort them for many years to come?


Our own Special Thanks to Mothers are demonstrated with our following Mothering Sunday 2016 Gifts, to help your mother (or the mother of your children) sleep better than ever before!

*For purchase orders received between 1 March and 11 March inclusive, we shall be delighted to send your mother:-

  • A soft, comforting snuggly all-wool pillow worth £45 (exc. VAT) made by our friends in Devon – with the purchase of any single-size Dartmoor mattress and base.
  • A lovely heat-regulating Summer-weight (300gr) duvet worth up to £129 excluding VAT) – with the purchase of any two-person Dartmoor Taw, Torridge or Yealm mattress and Standard base.
  • An amazing deep Dartmoor Superb Egyptian cotton-covered wool and cotton mattress-topper, made on the edge of Dartmoor and worth up to £660 excluding VAT – with the purchase of any Dartmoor Bovey, Tavy or Tamar two-person mattress and Deluxe base.


If you're not ordering a bed, why not take advantage of the following Mother's Day discounts between 1 March and 11 March inclusive to show her how much you care?

  • The Devon Duvets Original wool pillow for only £38.96 plus p/p and UK VAT)**.
  • The Devon Duvets Summer-weight duvet for as little as only £70.83 plus p/p and UK VAT)**.
  • The Dartmoor Superb deep topper for as little as only £255 plus p/p and UK VAT)**.

**These prices equate to 15% off our normal prices.


Our Devon duvets and pillows use wool from sheep reared by British farmers.  The sheep are shorn each Spring after lambing and during the year they grow wonderful new fleeces to be used in Devon Duvets duvets, pillows and mattress toppers made the next season.  Wool allows the body to breathe naturally.  It also acts as a temperature regulator, maintaining the body's correct temperature all year round and helping you feel warm in winter and cool in summer.  This means that you will sleep more deeply and peacefully.

Mother's Day Duvet Offer

Mother’s Day Duvet Offer


The wool is encased in soft woven cotton.  The wool filling is cleaned and processed in Devon using a system that separates the wool fibres and maximises their loft to create a light and fluffy natural filling.  It is not bleached or chemically treated.  The natural properties of wool resist dust mites and can help those who suffer from allergies or asthma to achieve more peaceful sleep, night after night.

Mother's Day Pillow Offer

Mother’s Day Pillow Offer


The Dartmoor Superb topper is our entry-level model into our world of luxury and super-luxury mattress toppers and "sur-matelas".  We designed and created these toppers based on our decade of experience of supplying and delivering high quality beds and mattresses to our valued overseas customers, listening to their feedback and observing their varying cultures.  Deep, deeper and extraordinarily deep, our toppers provide an additional comfort layer that will not only soften your firm mattress or turn your soft mattress into "Grandma's feather bed – soft as a downy chick", help to protect your mattress from the moisture (up to 0.5l) and skin-cells (around 200,000) that you naturally shed overnight, but also substantially extend its useful and hygienic life.  Even your old mattress can be "resuscitated" by putting a Dartmoor topper on it.

Mother's Day Mattress Topper Offer

Mother’s Day Mattress Topper Offer


The Superb topper (up to 7cm deep) is filled with layers of blended cotton and wool, covered with a soft and cooling Egyptian cotton tick, and tufted for strength and to help prevent "clumping".  An additional topper protector is recommended.  With one of these on her bed, your mother will soon be sleeping like a princess – without the pea!

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