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June News Letter

Welcome to our Summer 2020 seasonal newsletter.  We hope it finds you safe and well.

It's not too long and it's worth sticking with, we feel, but do please let us know if you consider otherwise.


It's time to flip and rotate again. (Your mattress, not you). It helps to prolong your mattress's  useful life and even out the natural settlement!


Peter Reed, indisputably the best manufacturer of bed linen in the UK, have recommenced production, utilising all possible safety measures for its staff and customers. Please remember that you can order their fabulous products through us at any time and to thank you for your loyalty we'll discount their website prices by 10%.


Just a reminder that while our suppliers factories and workshops are locked down because of Covid-19 we are thanking anyone who places an order with a huge 25% discount off all the normal product prices shown on our website. We'll apply this discount for you, your friends, family and acquaintances as long as we receive the order and deposit before production recommences. At present it looks as if this will be around 15 June, so you've not a lot of time now to ask us for a quotation, configure your order and confirm it by paying your deposit.

We just ask you to understand that the delivery timescale while the lock down persists is unknown: it will be indicated once the workshop or factory reopens. That's why this offer is so generous.
Why not give us a call or send us an email now?


Since the UK lockdown began, our director Mikaela has been delivering lunches and food hampers to underprivileged families in our beautiful city of Plymouth. Mikaela cheerfully goes about this completely unsung and unnoticed, whilst still caring for her two daughters and older members of our family, too. Thank you, Mikaela!

You'll find her just as bubbly and helpful to you, if you ever speak to her.

She adores our products and will give you candid and personal advice to ensure that you choose a product that will undoubtedly help you sleep better than ever before, wherever you live in the world.. And if you'd like a particularly feminine touch in your bed design, Mikaela is the one to speak to!


This year should have seen fantastic celebrations spearheaded here in Plymouth UK as well as in Holland and the USA on the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower sailing to land the Pilgrim Fathers at Plymouth Rock, USA. The city was listed by Conde-Nast Traveller as one of the World's Top Ten Places to visit in 2020. Covid19 stopped the celebrations in their tracks.

Plymouth is a beautiful city and should be on anyone's bucket-list with its magnificent setting twixt moor and sea, its history and the rare opportunity to "see a Sound". Being proud of our business and our heritage, we welcome all of our customers to come pay a visit. Let us know beforehand that you're coming and we'll be delighted to treat you to a wonderful Cornish Cream Tea on Plymouth's ancient Barbican where you'll find, amongst other things, the oldest working commercial bakery in the UK and the departure point of the Pilgrims' brave voyage.


Velvet. Even saying the word feels luxurious. Originating in Asia, velvet made its way to Europe along the Silk Road, found fame during the Renaissance and has been a pillar in fashion and interiors ever since. Velvet feels romantic, luxurious, but not too extravagant. It works in contemporary and traditional interiors and can feel glamorous and modern all at once. The texture is soft and plush, giving it a feel of satisfying cosiness.

It is a common misconception that velvet is high maintenance. The Lovely Collection from Warwick, one of our main fabric suppliers, for example, has a thick pile with a super Stain Guard finish which repels water-based liquids. Unlike many plain velvets, Lovely offers an antiqued look. With a matte finish, a subtle printed design and cloudy texture for an authentic aged patina, the antiqued feel of this velvet sets it apart and widens its versatility. The depth of the pile also shows dye really well, resulting in intense, rich tones, Sitting particularly well with leathers in your bedroom furniture and bold patterns in your drapes and cushion covers, it is the perfect choice for a subtle but proud statement headboard..

The collection comes in 36 colours including deep greens and oranges, offering strong jewel tones alongside on-trend pastel velvets for the ultimate colour selection. Soft and warm, Lovely feels as good as it looks. Standing out from other upholstery fabrics, adding depth and definition to the shape of any piece. See the Lovely II colour range here.

Why wait until you need a new bed to change to this beautiful fabric and a new feature colour for your bedroom? We can supply any style of headboard to fit your divan-base and a beautiful corner-pleated valance to cover your divan-base if you'd like to make a change. Just ask us for more details and we'll be delighted to help.


We don't just send newsletters, we receive them, too. Like you we unsubscribe from boring ones even though we like to support businesses who have served us well.

Have you any suggestions as to what can we do to retain your interest in us and our newsletters? We'll send two luxurious machine-washable pillows worth over £100GBP to the reader who makes the best suggestion, no matter where you live in the world. Just email us before 15 August 2020 and we'll let you know if you've won.

With best wishes,

ROGER and MIKAELA – June 2020