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Grab a Great British Bargain today!

In June 2016, following the result of the UK Referendum, we wrote: "The UK has voted to leave the EU.  British Beds Worldwide Limited considers that the UK has voted wrongly and will rue the day.

The directors of British Beds Worldwide Limited believe that the correct decision would have been to remain and seek reform from within the organisation, as the silent majority of people around Europe desire similar reforms.

We believe that many British people voted from a xenophobic, nationalistic and protectionist viewpoint.  We wish to assure our valued customers and all visitors to our website that we directors are not only Europhiles, but also actively aim to engage with everyone everywhere in our mission to help people sleep better than ever before, wherever they live in the world."

We feel the same today, but even more so.

On 14 March 2017, following the decision of Parliament to trigger Article 50, the £GB Pound hit an eight-weeks low against the $US Dollar.  For many UK companies who import US goods or services, and for UK travellers to the USA, this is of course very bad news.  But for our valued prospective customers in the USA or whose currency is the $US, this is very good news indeed!

When you buy from British Beds Worldwide Limited, you will pay in £GBP so even without the added benefit of any current offer, details of which you will see beside each product on this website, you can make enormous savings against what the cost would have been before the vote was cast last year.

For every £GBP Pound, you're currently paying around 26 cents less!  (cf  $US1.48 pre-referendum v $US1.21 as at 14/3/17).  So don't' hesitate: Grab a Great British Bargain today!

Yelverton UK 15 March 2017