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Design your Bed

With British Beds Worldwide, you can design your bed so it can be as individual as you and enable you to sleep better than you have ever slept before.

Every bed that we supply is hand made in the UK with the finest and natural sustainable fillings which means, that whichever product you choose, you can be assured of its quality and craftsmanship.


We can help you choose the right mattress for you in terms of support, comfort and size; the right divan base for you in terms of support, storage and design; the perfect headboard to crown your bed and complement the style and decor of your bedroom; and your bedding and accessories to enhance your sleep experience.

Where to begin. Be inspired. Browse our products, look through magazines, dream.

Take a look through our website, follow the links to browse through fabric collections, read about what each part of a bed does and consider what you want from your bed. Ask us for advice (we have a lot of experience in helping customers who have never laid on the bed that they buy to sleep better).



Choose your mattress (pocket-sprung, natural latex, No Turn, with a mattress topper, without a mattress topper)

Consider the level of support that you require from your mattress. We consider that soft-tension springs are most suitable for people weighing up to 75kg, medium-tension springs for people weighing between 75kg and 100kg and firm-tension springs for people weighing between 100kg and 115kg.

Consider the level of comfort that you require from your mattress. Do you want to 'sink' into your mattress, lie on top of your mattress or somewhere in between? Would you like to add a removable mattress topper to provide an additional comfort layer (and help protect your mattress)?

Consider the size of your mattress. Size does matter and although we would always recommend choosing the biggest bed that your room will allow, we are aware that it isn't always practical. In the past, customers have had to remove doors, windows and bannisters to get their bed into their bedroom and held mattress turning parties where their guests have helped turn the mattress. If you would like a big bed but the access is difficult, you could choose a zip and link mattress, a cubed base or a headboard that comes in two halves and if you are unable to turn such a huge and heavy mattress regularly, you could consider a zip and link mattress or a no-turn mattress.

Zip and link mattress – number 47

No-turn mattresses –

Softer feeling mattresses – Relyon Heritage Marquess, Relyon Heritage Chatsworth, Dartmoor Beds Taw, Dartmoor Beds Yealm

Medium feeling mattresses – Relyon Heritage Grandee, Relyon Heritage Balmoral, Dartmoor Beds Torridge, Dartmoor Beds Tavy

Firmer feeling mattresses – Relyon Heritage Emperor, Relyon Heritage Braemar, Millbrook Perfect collection

The best of the best – Relyon Heritage Emperor, Dunlopillo Orchid, Dartmoor Beds Tavy, Dartmoor Beds Tamar, Millbrook Perfect 7000 or a Roger Charles bed

Choose your base (wooden, upholstered, padded top, hand side stitched pocketed, hand-lashed, slatted, pocket-sprung, open coil)



Consider the level of support that you want for your mattress. A padded top or platform top divan base will give your mattress an extra firm feel; a hand side stitched pocketed divan will give your mattress a firmer feel; a hand-lashed divan or a slatted base will give your mattress a firm feel; a pocketed divan will give your mattress a medium feel and a sprung-edge open coil divan base will make your mattress feel softer.

Consider whether or not you would like your base to provide storage for your blankets and bedding. If you do require storage, a shallow divan is not the base for you and you should consider an ottoman base or a deep divan base with drawers (but make sure you have space to open them).

Consider the 'look' that you would like to achieve. Would you like a traditional bed with a deep divan base, a tiered bed with lots of lovely layers, a contemporary look with either a shallow divan which looks like it's floating or a bedstead, or something else made lovingly from wood. Would you like your bed upholstered in a plush velvet, linen, leather or vinyl and would you like it finished with a traditional chrome castor, an elegant wooden foot or hidden glides.

Choose a headboard design to crown your bed (EuroSlim, EuroWide, Strutted, Wall-Fixing, Statement Height, Extra Height)

Would you like a headboard the same width as your bed or wider than the width of your bed, a tall statement headboard or a shallow headboard? Would you like a headboard that fixes to the wall or a headboard that simply rises from the top of your mattress? Would you like an upholstered headboard or a beautifully hand carved headboard? Would you like buttons, piping or crystals, shaped shoulders, tiled panels or a contrasting fabric? If you can't find the headboard that you want from the numerous styles available, we can create it.

Choose your bedding and bed linen (pillows, mattress topper, pillow protector, mattress protector, duvet, fitted sheet, flat sheet, pillow cases, duvet cover)

We believe that bedding and bed linen made from natural fibres such as cotton, linen and wool is best so would recommend that you choose luxury wool bedding (pillows, mattress protectors, mattress toppers and duvets) made from the finest British wool, and Egyptian Cotton Percale bed linen for your bed. Wool bedding is scientifically proven to improve sleep quality which means that you'll wake refreshed and revitalised and the finest bed linen will add a touch of opulence to your bed. We can arrange for your bedding and bed linen to be delivered with your bed.

We have been supplying and delivering high quality luxury pocket-sprung beds and mattresses and wooden and upholstered bedsteads around the world for more than 10 years and over that time, we have developed a passion for helping people worldwide to sleep better than they have ever slept before and we pride ourselves on being able to help people to buy the right bed even without seeing it. We do that by talking at length or through detailed emails with our customers – anywhere. In this way we can assess their sleep environment needs and preferences be they individuals, couples or families, and fitting our recommendations to what we come to know about them.

So, with our “Can Do” approach, we enable people all over the world to enjoy the features, benefits and advantages of sleeping on the best and most comfortable beds in the world – lovingly made for you in Great Britain.

No matter where you are, it’s our mission to help you sleep better than you have ever slept before. So let us help you design your bed!