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Bespoke Products

What is a bespoke bed?

If you use the definition from the Oxford Dictionary, it is a bed 'that has been made for a particular customer'. So, does that mean all beds that are made to order?

The top definition in the Urban Dictionary would suggest that a bespoke bed is one that is ‘custom made; looking like it cost a million bucks’. Does it need to have or look like it cost that much?

We at British Beds Worldwide, believe that a bespoke bed is simply a bed that has been made according to our customer's requirements.

Our mission is to help you sleep better wherever you live in the world. To achieve this, we supply some of the finest British made beds and mattresses which have been handmade by craftsmen and women using traditional methods and natural, sustainable materials.

In addition to helping our customers sleep better, we are aware that their bed is one of the most important pieces of furniture they will own and is the centrepiece of any bedroom.  That is why we supply beautiful handcrafted beds and enable our customers to have a bed tailormade for them. So, for example, if a customer wants a bed crowned with a headboard to fit under the eaves of their attic bedroom, a superking size bed which needs to fit up a narrow staircase, a bed covered in a particular fabric, or a non-standard size mattress for an antique four poster bed frame,  they can commission a bespoke bed or mattress from us, just exactly as they want it.

We have been supplying the finest quality products for more than 15 years and during that time, we have worked with interior designers, hoteliers and private customers to supply products for yachts, villas, hotels, houses and apartments in the UK and all over the World. If you have an idea or have seen something that you would like to recreate, just send us photos, drawings or a description and you could soon receive a bespoke bed from us made exactly to your requirements.

All the bed manufacturers that we work with offer a choice of bed base, headboards and fabrics, whilst some give you the opportunity to choose glides or wood turned feet.  Some will add piping, diamantes or metal studs, for example, to your headboard. So what happens if you prefer the options available from a bed supplier that we don't work with or you cannot find what you are looking for? Simply talk to us and very soon be sleeping in the bed you long for, supplied and delivered into your bedroom wherever you live in the World.

We work closely and collaborate with our suppliers to ensure that our customer's requirements are fully met. These close relationships and our ability to communicate effectively with our customers mean that we can supply a bed, mattress or headboard to fit most spaces and we can take your headboard design and have it made.  We have supplied mattresses for yachts, motorhomes, antique four-poster beds, and many headboards of different styles and sizes.

We can give you access to hundreds of fabrics with which to cover your bed base and headboard or, alternatively, if you have a fabric, we can arrange for your bed base and headboard to be upholstered with it.  For example, our upholsterer has covered a customer's bed and headboard in red kid leather and another bed and headboard in exquisite fabric from Le Manach.

If you’re allergic to horse hair, we can supply a mattress that doesn’t contain it and if you want a chemical-free bed, we can supply that too: our mattresses are handmade to order and to a wide range of specifications to suit everyone's sleep requirements.

The options and possibilities really are endless, resulting in a bed that has truly been handmade especially and uniquely for you.

One constant is that we treat every customer exactly as we would wish to be treated: respectfully, courteously and personally as a valued client and friend.  We're totally passionate about and dedicated to giving every person wherever they live in the World, the opportunity to enjoy the most comfortable sleep they have ever had in the beautifully hand crafted bed of their dreams.

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