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Beds For Your Ski Chalet

If you know your Chalet is among the best to be found, then you'll aspire to spoil your guests with the best all-round experience in every aspect of their time in it.  So why not include their sleep experience, too?  It's a fact that many holidays are spoiled through discomfort and lack of sleep caused in the main by poor quality beds and mattresses that guests would not tolerate at home. If you are looking for beds for your ski chalet, read on…

From 1 July 2018 until 12 October 2018 we at British Beds Worldwide Limited are delighted to offer the highest quality English Ash wooden bedsteads and natural-filled pocket-sprung mattresses at substantial savings. If you are looking to buy beds for your Ski Chalet, this means that you can significantly add to your clients' pleasure and well-being while they holiday with you.

Moreover, should they like the experience so much that they subsequently decide to order a similar mattress or bed from us, there are generous rates of commission on offer for you, too.  So, over time, you may even recoup your initial investment!  (Please ask for details).

The bedsteads are carefully crafted from English Ash in the beautiful Cotswolds by time-served craftsmen.  Ash, they say, has "all the strength of oak without the knots" thus making every unique piece flawless. Forget the softness and susceptibility of pine, this robust furniture will be aging and developing in its beauty, long after similar pine products have become fibre-board or mulch. We are also able to supply beautiful bespoke Bunk Beds made to your own design (as long as they meet safety standards).

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The mattresses for the beds for your ski chalet, handmade on stunning Dartmoor in Devon and filled with wool from locally raised sheep, will provide your guests with a never-to-be-forgotten sleep experience, restoring aching muscles and revitalising them in readiness for another day's fun on the slopes.

If you would like your guests' bedroom to exude quality and tempt your guests to return, then look no further.  If you would like to buy beds for your ski chalet from British Beds Worldwide Limited,for you  and the benefit of your discerning guests, here is our unique offer.

Our Dartmoor Plym Mattress

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A deliciously soft Egyptian cotton cover, with woollen tufts, encases a generous top-layer of blended cotton and wool, on top of luxurious hand-teased Dartmoor wool on yet another layer of cotton and wool.  All of these lie on top of individually pocketed springs which work independently yet together to confirm to the body's shape and provide important support to keep the sleeper's spine straight while they are asleep.  Because the mattress is turnable, both surfaces of the mattress may be used, thus prolonging its useful life.  No hard and hot foam and no synthetic fillings: just a natural filled mattress to provide natural and regenerating sleep.

Our Dartmoor Plym Mattress Promotion Prices Size 90x200cm normally £575.00GBP each:

For One or Two: £517.50GBP each (Save £115.00GBP on two)

For Three, Four, Five, Six or Seven: £488.75GBP each (Save £603.75GBP on seven)

For Eight or More: £460.00GBP each (Save £1150.00GBP on ten)

Prices include delivery to your chosen carrier on the UK mainland.

Our Snowshill Ash Bedstead with optional Headboard

Every Snowshill bed is unique.  The beautiful grain of the wood used in your bed is different from that in any other bed.  Is natural strength renders it a popular choice for boat-building, so it will stand up to the vigour and rigour of all bedroom stresses, even at a bed's normal weakest point where the patented jointing system resists all the strains it is exposed to.  When other beds have failed, this one stands strong and proud.  The wood can be varnished in it natural colour or in any of several other wood finishes to complement your bedrooms and provide a noticeable change from the ubiquitous pine.  An optional footboard may be added at extra cost.

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(Please note that although white is available as a colour option, it obscures the beauty of the wood and costs significantly more than the stained finishes).

Our Snowshill 90x200cm Bedstead Promotion Prices including 1-metre high headboard and excluding mattress and UK VAT, normally £587.00GBP each:

For One or Two: £528.30GBP each (Save £117.40GBP on two)

For Three, Four, Five, Six or Seven: £498.95GBP each (Save £616.35GBP on seven)

For Eight or More: £469.60GBP each (Save £1174.00GBP on ten)

Other sizes are available up to 215x215cm – please ask for a quotation.

Prices include delivery to your chosen carrier on the UK mainland.

Two-man delivery into your Chalet, with full unwrapping, assembly and positioning, and disposal of packaging can be provided – please ask for a quotation.

Placing your order before 12 October should secure delivery to the Alps in time for Christmas.  (Terms and Conditions apply). To be doubly sure, and to buy beds for your ski chalet,why not call Roger or Mikaela Charles at British Beds Worldwide NOW on 0044.1752.290748?