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Delivering the finest British beds to discerning customers worldwide

The Wool (Bed) Room





“A few months ago, we started to supply and deliver worldwide fabulous wool bedding, mattresses and beds made in England by the Wool Room. At the end of February, I was invited to join some of their team on a visit to the factory where their beds are made. I was also able to see and try two new mattresses that they will be launching soon. The Wool Room is a company that believes in and is totally committed to creating a sleep environment using natural chemical free products with British wool as their main ingredient. The Wool Room aims to give its customers British made products, ‘sustainable luxury,’ and the opportunity to let their bodies ‘breathe naturally’ while they sleep. To do this, The Wool Room is working in partnership with another well-known British bed manufacturer, using natural sustainable fillings from as close to home (Yorkshire) as possible and finishing their beds and mattresses with natural fabrics which don’t require fire retardant treatment (chemicals).

We began our visit with a trip to the manufacturer’s farm to see where they grow and process some of the hemp used in their mattresses and to meet some of the sheep, whose fleeces are used along with those from many other sheep in the local area for wool. This was followed by a trip to their factory to see the component parts being made and the bed and mattress assembly.

We saw British steel being drawn to make the springs; individual springs being cut, inserted into pockets and fixed together to make a unit; various fillings (cotton, silk, hemp, wool) being mixed to make pads; fabric for the mattress ticking and divan-bases being cut and stitched; divan-bases being assembled and covered with fabric; and mattresses being assembled, hand side-stitched, hand-tufted and taped. Although this was not the first time I had seen these processes, it was still really impressive to see how much work goes into creating each mattress and bed, and the number of people involved in the process. And that doesn’t allow for the people who designed the mattress in the first place; tried out and modified numerous fillings to create just the right feel; tested the materials to ensure that they are safe and fit for purpose; created the machinery that produces the component parts; and those in the local area who produced and supplied the materials to the manufacturer.

My visit concluded with the opportunity to see and try five models from the Wool Room collection, including the two new models which they will be launching soon. I tried the Deluxe 5000, Deluxe 7000 the Deluxe 9000 (previously known as the Luxury 9000) and the two new luxury models which will have 15000 and 20000 pocket springs and mini-springs in a Kingsize mattress, hand side-stitching and a more luxurious feel.

My personal favourite – and I’m very fussy – was the mattress containing 15000 Soft-tension springs and mini-springs, but the overwhelming favourite among my fellow-visitors was the mattress containing 20000 springs and mini-springs. (The women in my group preferred the Soft tension whilst the men preferred the Medium tension). If my budget wouldn’t stretch to one of the new luxury mattresses, I’d be happy with any of them (but especially the Wool Room  Deluxe 7000 in Medium tension) as they are all extremely well made and luxuriously comfortable.

But, of course, I have my own beautiful Dartmoor Beds Taw mattress and a lady and her favourite mattress are not easily separated!

For The Wool Room’s story see: http://www.thewoolroom.com/about-us/