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The Luxury Bed Market – An Inside Look

Inside the world of luxury beds

Inside Luxury Beds


A jet-set lifestyle, glamorous parties, rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous – this is the world that many people think of when it's mentioned that we are a luxury bed manufacturer. And while it would be nice to think that that would be a typical day, alas it is not always the case, as anyone who has been to our Devon workshop can testify.

This is not to say that Devon is not a glamorous place, indeed, it is a wonderful location from which to operate from, but what really goes on inside the world of luxury beds is hard work by skilled craftsmen and women in creating unique and original pieces of furniture for our clients.

When you lie on one of our sumptuous beds you might feel a sense of exaltation at the comfort on offer, or the smoothness of the finely woven Egyptian cotton that creates a serene environment on which to rest, but what you might not realise is what has gone into it.

In this regard, we are not just talking about the fillings and materials used, but the years of practice that our artisans have had to have gone through in order to get to the levels that they are today. The quite literally, blood, sweat and tears that they have endured in order to produce something worthy of being called luxurious.

We don't want you to start feeling sorry for our craftsmen and women as they all take great joy and pride in building each bed, but we simply want to convey that a luxury bed is so much more than a standard bed with a fancy label.

There has always been a misconception in some circles of society that very few luxury products are indeed luxurious. That they are produced in the same factories by the same people who build lower end of the market products and all that is different about them is a badge and some clever marketing.

In some industries that might be the case but it is definitely not so with the luxury bed market and British Beds Worldwide. Each and every one of our beds is built by hand to the specifications of the client. Every piece of material that goes into the bed is carefully selected and placed into the mattress using traditional techniques that rely on the skill of the craftsman rather than a computer operated machine.

Clients flying in from all over the world to try out a new bed in our Roger Charles showroom in Canary Wharf might be one side of the luxury bed market that people see, but it is about so much more than that.

That search for continual improvement is one characteristic that typifies our work at BBW, as we are always looking for the subtle differences we can make that will help our clients to get a better night's sleep.

Much of this will go unnoticed, such as making a slight change to the gauge of wire we use in our springs depending on the fillings of the mattress, or the partnerships that we establish with local sheep farmers so that we gain a greater control over the quality of the fleece being providing. Most of this background work goes unseen by the general public who really only get to witness the manifestation of all this work when it comes together to form a luxury bed.

We pride ourselves on using locally sourced materials where appropriate and only look for components from overseas when the quality is not available nearer to home. This flies in the face of another misconception about luxury products – that they only contain rare exotic ingredients to justify the price.

We don't spend our days flying around the globe in the quest to find some special type of fleece, fur or timber to include in our beds purely for the sake of it, and so that we can position it as 'exclusive' in some way. Instead, everything that goes into the bed has to offer a tangible benefit to the sleeping experience, and it has to be of an excellent grade as we once again come back to that word – 'quality'.

The construction of a luxurious bed does not simply happen by chance. The make-up and what needs to go into it is based on many years' experience both of the craftspeople involved and the owners of British Beds Worldwide. It is also based on feedback from our clients and what their sleeping requirements might be. This is the another part of the what goes on inside the luxury bed world – talking, and a whole lot of it.

Only by listening to what our clients tell us can we be classed as a luxury bed manufacturer. To do otherwise, we would simply be another retailer who produces standardised beds for sale at the lowest cost per unit. That is not what we are about. We openly engage with our clients to create for them a sleeping surface that delivers an improved night's sleep compared to anything they have slept on before.

Like a commissioned piece of art, a bed from us, is a one-off, something that is unique and personal to the client, based on their needs and aspirations, which can only be delivered by active communication. This is another part of the luxury bed world that people don't often see, the time it takes before even a stitch is sewn to come up with the luxury bed concept.

So the next time you think that the term 'luxury' is just a label used without a second thought, think again about the true benefits of sleeping on one of our beds and what really does go on inside the world of luxury beds.