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Delivering the finest British beds to discerning customers worldwide

Secrets of the world’s most luxurious beds

Secrets of the world's most luxurious beds

Nestled away in the beautiful surroundings of Dartmoor you will find our partner workshop, filled with well-trained craftspeople and using the finest materials to build beds to the highest standards. In this quiet, unassuming idyllic location magic happens that allows us to give our clients the means to which they can have the best night's sleep possible.

Given the title of the piece (secrets of the world's most luxurious beds) you may be slightly disappointed to discover so early on that we have no secret ingredients, no magic sleep potions or any superhuman powers to make you rest easily at night. Indeed, what we do possess are the gifts of fine furniture making, learned through many hours of studying and hard work.

In this piece, what I'll do is open up the doors to those gifts and the way we do business so that you can see what goes on inside one of the world's most luxurious bed makers.

What we do at British Beds Worldwide, unlike many other luxury bed manufacturers, is provide our clients with the opportunity to be as involved in the process as they wish. It goes without saying that we build the bed to their requirements but if they wish to take a tour of our showroom then they can.

You could perhaps suggest then that two-way communication and involving our clients as much or as little as they desire in the process is the first secret of the luxury bed world. This is in complete contrast to the common way of buying a bed which is centred around a transactional relationship.

Another little secret is that we don't start on a bed until we have a client. The Roger Charles and Dartmoor Beds collections are all made to order and can be adapted to the client's needs so there is very little point in pre-assembling any part of the bed before we know exactly which model and to which specification we're making it.

This approach provides us with a tremendous amount of flexibility when it comes to our beds and is one that is very much appreciated by our clients. It allows us to not just be flexible in the bed that we provide but also in the way that we work together with our clients and the timescales for delivery. And while we always try to work around our clients' timetable we are not a manufacturer that is looking to compete based on quick turnaround times.

On this point, and although it's not a secret as such, but something that is not widely known but which we're happy to share, is the length of time it takes to craft one of our beds. It would not be uncommon for one of our beds to take upwards of 100 hours to put together depending on the specification involved. The vast majority of the work will be conducted by hand which produces a stronger and longer lasting bed and grants our expert craftspeople the opportunity to put the bed together in such a way that gives the client the perfect sleeping environment.

Not widely appreciated is the apprenticeship scheme that our craftsmen and women go through as part of their training. They will spend several years working their way up from box spring construction methods to the more skilled duties such as mattress detailing and finishing. Although all our craftspeople are able to work on any part of the crafting process, many of them will find a specialist expertise or develop a set of skills for a particular craft.

Utilising the unique skill set of the individual craftsperson in the most appropriate way is just one of the many advantages that come from building our beds to order.

The use of natural materials in a luxury bed is no secret but perhaps what is not known is how they are processed or selected before they are placed inside the bed. If we take horsehair as an example. It is an incredibly resilient natural fibre that holds its shape tremendously well and allows the mattress to rebound to its original shape after compression.

However, it is not simply enough to place any horsehair in the bed without it being carefully selected and appropriately prepared. The longer the horsehair the better as this helps the mattress to naturally wick more water away from the sleeping surface and thus increasing the longevity of the bed. It also goes through a 'hand-teasing' process, or as some call it 'massaging' the hair to remove any impurities, create a consistent depth and increase its rebound properties.

When you lie on one of our mattresses you may not necessarily be aware of all this work as it goes unseen so you can be forgiven for thinking that we have a secret way of making our beds ultra-comfortable, but it's purely down to the quality of the materials and those working with them.

Another point to highlight at this stage is how finely the fabrics are woven that we use on our beds. Often made from Egyptian cotton or Belgian damask there is something available for every choice of palette. However, if we don't have one suitable to our clients' taste then we can cover our beds in their own fabric, as long as it's fire certified. So here is another secret about luxury beds, our clients have more choice than they realise.

We, of course, provide the standard choice of options such as mattress tension, width of bed and draw configuration but there are many more that some are not aware of. For example, in addition to fabric covering, we can also customise the depth of divan base, the configuration of springs, layers of fillings can be added or removed and mattress toppers can be included or excluded depending on the client's preference. This creates any number of infinite possibilities for our clients and is one reason why we can guarantee to create a wonderful luxurious bed regardless of the requirements.

So although we had no trade secrets to share, we hope that this little insight into what makes our beds so luxurious has sparked your curiosity and we look forward to talking to you soon about getting you a wonderful night's sleep.