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How the British EU Referendum Result may help You sleep better

Losing Sleep Over Brexit

Image courtesy of TheGuardian.com

It'll not have gone unnoticed but there has been a seismic shift in the political makeup of Europe over the last few weeks with the UK having decided, rightly or wrongly, to leave the European Union. Regardless of your standpoint on this issue, and while we may personally think it is the wrong decision, the fact remains that we now have to adapt to a brave new world. “How the British EU Referendum Result may help You sleep better” – Can it really?

At British Beds Worldwide, we have gladly welcomed clients from our European neighbours and from much further afield for many years and we will continue to do so. In the short-term, the outcome of the referendum will not impact on the way that we do business and we are very much open for business as usual. In fact, the current situation makes now one of the best times to buy a bed from us and get the great night's sleep you deserve, but more on that a little later.

There may well be ripples through to the luxury bed market as a consequence of the referendum, but as so much is still to be decided we don't see this having any influence on our ability to continue to supply top quality beds to our clients in Europe and around the world.

That is the first point of our article this week. If you have already placed an order for one of our wonderful beds, you can rest assured that it will be delivered as promised and still be to the high standards that you have come to expect from us.

The second point to address is that whatever the permutations may be further down the line, we'll still hold dear the core principle of producing quality luxury beds. We are able to make this commitment thanks in part to the network and relationships we have with our core suppliers. Like us, they'll still be able to offer a product of superior grade and finish to our clients regardless of the referendum result.

This is also borne out by the craftsmen and women who manufacturer and build our beds. We select them not based on nationality or cost of employment but on their ability to create a sleeping surface that delivers a great night's sleep. This desire to produce a bed that gives the sleeper the perfect night's sleep has not changed and will not change as a result of the announcement made on 24th June.

A third point to consider, and one which will make sleeping on our beds even more comfortable, is that the value of the £GBP has fallen as a result of the country deciding to "leave" the EU. This was a widely predicted outcome should the "leave" side win, and whilst it may not be good news for some, it does mean that our beds have become more affordable for a greater number of people.

We have always sold our beds in £GBPs Sterling which means over the years there have been occasions when our beds have not been as competitively priced on the global market as others sold in different currencies. However, with the £GBP trading against the dollar at a level not seen for a generation, it does mean that for those clients who live overseas it's never been a better time to invest in a British Beds Worldwide bed or mattress.

But it's not just customers placing their orders from now on who will benefit. If you have already paid the deposit on your new luxury bed then you will benefit too as your outstanding balance will also be subject to these changes in foreign exchange rates.  If they continue at these low levels, you will save against the original cost when you make your balancing payment!

We're not economists so we can't predict whether the £GBP will slip further or if it will regain some of the value it's lost over the last week, but what we do know, is that in our 12 years of trading it's never been as good a time as now to purchase a bed from us.

Such was the result that we had in June, that we wish to make it clear to all our clients around the world, that we do not share the same "protectionist" views as some of those who voted to "leave". Indeed, we are of a different mind-set and believe we have benefited from being part of the European Union. We warmly welcome clients from all countries, all walks of life, all cultures, any sexuality and all religions. We still have a deep passion to share our expert knowledge on what makes a luxury bed with people from around the world, and to help them sleep better than they have ever slept before.

It is also perhaps worth reminding ourselves at this point that a good night's sleep can help us deal more effectively with stress and allows us to focus more clearly during the day. We are not suggesting that by purchasing a bed from us that all the uncertainty and turmoil in Europe can be resolved, but rather at this current time many business owners and members of the public may start to experience higher levels of stress than they are used to.

Spending the night in a comfortable and supportive bed can help (in consultation with a doctor if necessary) to relieve some of the causes and symptoms of stress and anxiety. So if you have been delaying the purchase of a new bed and you were feeling stressed even before the results were announced, then perhaps it is worth using this point as a springboard for making a change to the bed you sleep on.

In summary, you may or may not agree with the decision of the people of Great Britain, but when you consider that the result means that you can now buy a luxury quality bed, built to the same high standards, receive the same outstanding levels of customer service but all for a considerably lower price, then perhaps it's just the right medicine to help you sleep a little easier at night.

Sleep Well!  (Especially on a beautiful British bed from British Beds Worldwide Limited).