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Bedding down with the Animals


It's approaching that time of year when some mammals start their preparations for hibernation. In the UK, we actually only have 3 mammals that do hibernate, hedgehogs, our 17 species of bats, and dormice. While none of these will need to enjoy the comforts of our luxury hand-built beds for humans, and while we humans can't in all practical senses choose to spend four months sleeping no matter how much we would like to, our attention as the nights draw in naturally and instinctively turns towards sleeping in the coming winter.

The reason why we're talking about hibernation right now is because for a while already these three mammals have been busily building up their fat reserves to see them through the winter months. They put the work in now so that they can enjoy their sleep later on.

Perhaps we should follow their good example?  Rather than storing up our fat reserves, however, right now – there's plenty of time for that around Christmas holiday period if we wish to over-indulge – we should be making sure that our bed, i.e. our winter nest – is as good as it can be.   Here's why and how.

If you wait until your bed is completely worn out and is no longer providing the support it should, then your body will start to feel the ill effect of that.  This could manifest itself in such symptoms as morning back-ache, disturbed sleep patterns, or mood swings to name but a few. through lack of good quality sleep. If we wait for all of this to happen before even considering the idea of a replacement bed or mattress, then when the decision is finally taken and the new one is purchased, the transition from and old and worn out sleep environment to a new one can be very dramatic.  This simply serves to extend the period of disturbed sleep, just at the time when our bodies tend to demand more and better quality sleep in order to refresh and renew every night in preparation for the rigours of the winter days.

It's the planning for winter that is very important, just as our animal friends demonstrate.  We may have had the gutters cleaned, the drains cleared, put up the winter curtains, safe-guarded everything in the garden, cleaned flues, etc., etc., to prepare our home for the winter, but the  increased demands for and revitalising and reinvigorating sleep are over-looked.


Tip: We at British Beds Worldwide Limited do not necessarily agree that "you should replace your mattress at least every eight years".  (We've seen too many other disingenuous claims from the industry to give that slogan much credibility)!  A high quality mattress, well protected and used and cared for in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions can support and comfort you for many more years than eight, whilst many cheap products will not provide what we consider to be true comfort and support for even eight days!  So don't rely on a diary note or a label on your mattress to tell you to think about a replacement: nature will tell you when it's time.

Tip: We also don't believe it's possible to decide on the spur of the moment to shop sensibly and properly for a reliable, comfortable and supportive high quality bed, and perhaps have it delivered and be sleeping on it that very same night. It takes time to produce the kind of high-end beds that our discerning customers have come to expect from us and it should certainly take time to shop for them, whether you are visiting our Devon showroom or working with us from a distance to help us to help you to choose the bed or mattress that is just right for you.  So if you would really like to be sleeping soundly this winter, then it's time to think about upgrading your bed now right now.  In fact, if you would like your bed in time for Christmas overseas, it's probably already too late for this year, but it's never too early for next year!


As our beds are hand-crafted by our friend and his team in their Devon workshop, we're able to ensure that only the finest materials are used in them.  Just like the mammals hunkering down for the winter months on a bed of natural fillings, we too try to use as many natural materials as possible, avoiding synthetic fillings wherever possible. (and avoiding eggshells, moss and twigs always)!.  These natural materials  – especially wool, nature's most natural sleep comforter – regulate the ambient temperature around your body and also wick away much of the half-litre of moisture on average that we each  lose from our body every night.  (That's 45 litres in a 90 days winter!  Thank nature for wool …).

Maintaining a stable body temperature is a fundamental part of getting a good night's sleep.  As you may well be sleeping under a thicker duvet your body will naturally perspire.  In the winter, in the wrong sleep environment, that perspiration will cool significantly on your body throughout the night so that you may feel colder as the night progresses. Sleeping on a mattress and in an environment that helps that moisture to dissipate and evaporate away from your body will help you secure the best night's sleep possible).

Another similarity between our luxury beds and those of hibernating animals can be seen with the actions of hedgehogs and dormice.  They work hard to create the sleeping environment that is just right for them. They won't squeeze themselves into a space that is too small or sleep on a surface which they are not comfortable on.  We have always maintained that you should buy the widest bed you can fit into your bedroom and afford to give yourself maximum sleeping space – even if it means sacrificing a bedside table.  One of the joys about purchasing a bed from us – and isn't life about joy! – is that you can choose a bed that is absolutely perfect for you.

If you require the bed a fraction higher, then that's not a problem. Would you like the springs to be a little firmer or softer? We can make those adjustments for you. If you'd like more wool or cashmere or silk, then we can accommodate that. What we aim to give you is the ultimate sleeping experience and a bed that creates the perfect sleep environment that is just right for you. This is just not possible with a bed that is bought off the shelf.

This level of "made-to-measure", care and attention is exactly the same as that which our hibernating mammals put into their winter nests. However, there is a major difference.  Whilst many mammals follow the same habitual procedure and make anew bed every autumn, with one our beds you'll only need to do so when your mattress becomes tired and / or unhygienic.  Whilst there is no hard and fast rule, we would not expect to hear from you again for at least 10 years and often 20, unless you are contemplating a purchase for another person or room; and even longer if you supplement the mattress with a high quality topper.  This is because our beds are made to last – truly.  The way we use and assemble the finest materials through the skills of craftsmen who take a true pride in their work, means that you can sleep in sublime comfort for many, many years, only replacing your topper from time to time.

As part of our mission to help more people sleep better than they have ever slept before no matter where they live in the world, we are currently offering (until the end of November):

Two beautiful "wool-ball" pillows from the The Wool Room 10% with any Dartmoor mattress except The Plym; or

A fabulous Dartmoor Superb woollen mattress topper with any Dartmoor divan-set (comprising mattress and base) except The Plym; or

10% off any Millbrook Grandeur mattress or divan-set.

And, of course, if you are a Privilege Club member, you'll receive an extra 5% discount on top of any of these offers!!  (Why not sign up now)?

With some savings some worth hundreds of pounds, and favourable FX rates if you are buying from abroad, there has never been a better time to invest in your sleep and general well-being, provided by two of the UK's most desirable luxury bed brands.

By the way: while it may be tempting to wish and laze away the winter months by staying in bed for as long as possible – and our luxury beds will certainly help you do that – we do truly recommend getting out and about too. Maintaining a relatively active lifestyle and a simple exercise routine (but not just before bed) is a great way not only to stay in shape but also to help your body and mind unwind and prepare for the best night's sleep possible.

For more sleep tips, or to talk to us about creating your perfect sleep environment, please do get in contact with us, and we shall be delighted to assist you in any way that we can.