We enable people all over the world to enjoy the features, benefits and advantages of sleeping on the best and most comfortable beds in the world – lovingly made for you in Great Britain. No matter where you are, it's our mission to help you sleep better than you have ever slept before.


Our Luxury Partners

Our own unique collection of wonderfully soft and sumptuous pocket-sprung beds, mattresses and toppers hand-crafted to our very demanding standards

Taking an haute-couture approach to luxury and comfort in order to deliver uncompromising elegance to your bedroom

Dedicated to the traditional British ideals of quality and craftsmanship since 1946

Where the humble meticulous artisan embraces innovation to sculpt your well-being

Traditional design coupled with modern details and finishes for truly timeless style

Products that look beautiful, feel amazing, give you peace of mind and a peaceful night's sleep

Please note that as we are primarily an export company. ALL PRICES EXCLUDE DELIVERY AND VAT which must be added where appropriate.

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Dunlopillo Signature Collection

November 2019

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November 2019

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November 2019


November 2019


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June News Letter

Welcome to our Summer 2020 seasonal newsletter.  We hope it finds you safe and well. It’s not too long and it’s worth sticking with, we feel, but do please let us know if you consider otherwise. SEASONAL REMINDER TO TURN YOUR MATTRESS It’s time to flip and rotate again. (Your mattress, not you). It helps [...]

Super king size beds

If you wake up each morning feeling as though you have hardly had a wink of sleep, it may be that your bed needs to be replaced. Over the years a bed will eventually lose its original comfort and support. According to the Furniture Industry Research Association the characteristics of a bed can deteriorate by [...]


HOW TO SLEEP ANYWHERE Unfamiliar beds, tents, and soaring temperatures can all make it tricky to nod off – but these tips reproduced or paraphrased from Boots UK Summer Health and Beauty magazine may help you up your zzz factor. In a hotel: The biggest threats to slumber here? Unsurprisingly it's light and noise. Not [...]