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King Size Mattresses Delivered To Germany

King Size Mattresses Delivered To Germany – When choosing a new bed or mattress our general recommendation is to buy the biggest bed that will fit into your bedroom. The reason is that a larger bed will afford each partner the maximum of sleeping space. The typical double bed doesn't give you much room and this is where king size mattresses and beds come into their own.

king size mattresses

king size mattresses

A natural concern with a king size bed is the sheer size of the divan base and mattress. A luxury pocket sprung king-size mattress can weigh more than 180 kg so you can imagine the logistics of getting the mattress into your bedroom and also turning the mattress which is recommended to maintain the mattress in good health. One such system that overcomes this is called the 'zip and link' system whereby both the divan base and the mattress are effectively halved and can easily and efficiently be put back together. The other advantage of the zip and link system for such a large size mattress, such as a king-size mattress, is that the two beds can be separated if guests arrive or for health reason the two partners need to sleep separately for a temporary period of time.

The extended sleeping area is an obvious benefit of owning a king-size mattress. For a start, you and your partner aren't sleeping near the edge of the bed, but slightly inside which means that your weight is distributed more evenly and you will no doubt have a more peaceful night's sleep. The size and space for sleeping also ensures you are not awakened by your partner during the night, which is a common cause of sleep disturbance.

When choosing your king-size mattress make sure that you choose the correct firmness for you and your partner. As we previously mentioned zip and link systems not only makes the divan base and mattress more easy to move and maintain but you can also purchase the two halves with different tensions. If your partner is 20 kg less than you he or she may have a soft tension and you may have a medium to firm tension. Although the two mattresses have different tensions they can easily zip and ling together thus making the perfect sleep environment for both partners. This does not affect the headboard or linen choice in anyway.

At British beds worldwide we recommend pocket sprung mattresses which provide excellent support due to the fact that each spring is enclosed in a special pocket and carefully balanced with a range of sumptuous fillings such as mohair, lamb's wool, cashmere and horsehair, just to name a few. These properties are carefully balanced to ensure that your mattress perfectly adjusts to hot and cold temperatures.

We offer a full range of queen size, king size and super king-size beds at British Beds Worldwide. We have carefully selected partners such as Millbrook, Relyon and Dunlopillo that have a range of king-size beds to suit all budgets and tastes. We also offer king-size beds in our British Beds Worldwide Dartmoor range and our prestigious Roger Charles collection.

Do remember that there are slight size variations with king size beds and differences between a king-size, super king-size and Californian king so we would recommend that you contact us for an impartial telephone consultation with A Director of British Beds Worldwide. After all, we are here to help you get the best night's sleep ever!

King Size Mattresses Delivered To Germany and The World